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And so it begins: Sugar Free September 2014

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Day 1 of 30, and what a shitty day to start. The end of the summer holidays, which means no more week nights with Gaz; the return to the monotony of the nursery run routine (although with the unhelpful addition of a school run from Wednesday — can’t believe Isabel starts school this week!); and, of course, the PMS Monster is making its presence felt today too.

However, I can’t be too grumpy, as I have managed to rope some volunteers into attempting Sugar Free September with me. Aisling and Other Katy are going sugar-free and navigating the complex world of gluten-free at the same time and Ang is going sugar-free and grain-free after previously doing so and losing a shitload of weight.

Maybe, just maybe, some sugar-free friends to help keep me accountable will see me actually succeed this time…

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5 comments so far

  1. Aisling said:

    Colleague looked at me in horror today and said “you already can’t eat so much and now you’re doing this? Isn’t it enough that you can’t eat bread?”

    I suppose. But I guess that’s why it’s challenging, right? :P

  2. Macca said:

    Yup my colleagues were all “shock horror” too. I think they think I’m going to die if I can’t eat wheat, dairy (well, excepting mature cheese :D) OR sugar.

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