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The people at Bravado were so impressed by the description of my boobs in the review of their nursing tank top that they have been sending me lavish gifts ever since.

OK, that’s a big fat lie, nobody is that impressed by my boobs any more ;) I was offered the opportunity to test run a brand new bra though and given the state of some of my old ones I didn’t want to pass up on that!

I received the Bravado Essential Embrace nursing bra on quite a warm day so when I took it out the pack I was a little concerned that the material, which felt quite substantial between my fingers, was going to be too hot. I assumed the luxurious feel to the bra was at the expense of keeping cool, but I was totally wrong. I’ve been wearing the Embrace a lot over the past couple of weeks in temperatures 26-27 degrees with no complaints at all.

embrace-bra-side-supportOne of the features I like the most about the bra (which I’m surprised isn’t emphasised more on the website) is the side support ‘structuring’ — like underwiring but without the harshness of an actual wire — this prevents my boobs from making a break for it sideways which is a blessing when your boobs don’t exactly point forward and up any more (or in my case, ever)

The Embrace is truly a proper nursing t-shirt bra, completely smooth under t-shirts (which I live in) with a light padding to the straps. It stretches lightly so is ideal for those of us who start the day as one size and end it as another even after all these months of breastfeeding(!) What with the embrace, the nursing tank and my original Bravado that I bought when I was pregnant with Oliver I have a complete collection: something for pretty much every occasion.

The Essential Embrace is out today, so if the mental image of my beautifully restrained side boobs hasn’t put you off I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I vaguely remember nursing bras, way back when you all were babies and all there was around those days was a cotton underwired torture bra from Mothercare which dug in all day, never fit properly and ended up going in the bin. I also found a nice soft front fastening bra out of a catalogue somewhere which was nice and soft as described, but also had totally no support at all hence my now southward boobs easily viewed just under the edge of my shorts. I wish there had been more choice back then.

  2. Tanya said:

    Interesting review, thanks Jem! I wish more bras came with the side support structuring you mention. Underwiring is brutal the bigger your cup size, especially in this weather.