I have a nursing tank top that makes my boobs look great

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I couldn’t think of a better way to title this post because it’s such a huge occasion for my boobs to look anything other than … actually, it’s probably better for all of us if I don’t finish that sentence.

I recently got asked if I’d like to review a Bravado nursing bra or tank top. Now, I own a Bravado nursing bra already so it seemed like a no-brainer to accept something I knew I would probably like, especially as my existing bra has seen better days. However, I also have had my eye on nursing vest / tank tops to keep the chill off my jelly belly when I’m out and about (you’d think this wouldn’t matter in May – someone forgot to tell the weather fairies) or in bed and have the duvet pulled away from Oliver.

So anyway, I went for the Bravado “Essential nursing tank” which is basically just a vest / tank top (what’s the difference between a vest top and a tank top?) with nursing bra clippy things. They sent me the brown in huge-wobbly-norks size which I had to guess at because things have changed a bit on the chest front since Oliver was born. Damn kids.

At first I didn’t think it was going to fit because I was struggling to get into it, but once I’d got it over the twins (how many euphemisms for breasts can I fit into one post?) and I’d done the boob dance, everything was in place… and then I gave myself a black eye with the protruding cleavage!

Jokes, jokes.

Seriously though, it did something magical with my boobs. Instead of being somewhere in the vicinity of my knees, they were now UP and controlled and where they should be (in theory). And, because like that’s not good enough, I stuck a top on and the smooth cotton-spandex-y material smooshed my belly into something smooth and flat (ish) and I swear I looked like I’d dropped a dress size.

But I do have one complaint. Sorry, I’m trying to not be a miserable bugger here, but it’s got to get a mention: the supposed one-handed clips? Totally not intuitive at all. Most nursing bras, including my existing Bravado, work by lifting the clip up away from the bra. The tank top is the opposite, and you have to sort of tip the back of the clasp forwards instead. It’s hard to explain, and took me several attempts to get the hang of. I mean it’s not a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re a new mum doing your first feed in public, you’ll want to have practised the unclipping part a few times so as not to look like a loon fiddling with your underwear (as I frequently do … look like a loon that is).

It really is a nice – lovely and warm – tank top though. I’m thinking of getting another one, possible the “Plum”, for when (if) the sun eventually arrives to pair with some jeans (get me, acting like I know how to match clothes up, haaaaaa).

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  1. Louise said:

    Now that made my day!! I’ve always beena fan of Bravado bras and had seen the tanks. Great to know they do the job! Since I had Willow I’ve been wearing vests (sexy!!) under my tops to keep me warm and to prevent those awkward out and about too much flesh on show moments. Top goes up, vest goes down. Wouldn’t recommend it to a new mum though – might end up with plugged ducts or mastitis.
    Pleased you’ve decided to carry on posting – kept ’em coming :-)

  2. Mumblies said:

    Oh dear… I really shouldn’t read your blog whilst drinking my morning coffee, I just sprayed my screen with coffee and peanut butter toast when I got to the bit about norks and twins and jolly hockey stick sheepdog cleavages (sheepdog refers to round them up and points them in the right direction)
    Jem, I love reading your blog, don’t ever stop :)

  3. Nikki said:

    Oh dear, I’ve been eyeing up those bravado nursing tanks for ages and your post has made me want one even more! Glad you’re happy with it :-)