The ‘W’ word

Weaning that is. Oliver has stopped feeding. I’m not sure when exactly he stopped – he’s been reducing his feeds for months. He’d feed a couple of times in one day, then nothing for a day, then a feed, then another skipped day. More gradual than Izzy from what I remember, but earlier than I’d… read more →

Mumma-led Weaning

I took the decision a few weeks ago to start refusing Oliver feeds overnight. The idea I had was that if he cried when I said no, I would feed him anyway, but that if he lay back down and went to sleep: win win. It goes against every part of me that supports baby-led… read more →

I am so angry

I have a doctors appointment Tuesday 13th which I will be attending armed with a list of symptoms as long as my arm. Things like persistant exhaustion but complete inability to sleep when I am actually in bed (even when Oliver’s not thrashing about) and ‘brain fog’ – hence the list. And then in the… read more →

The Bravado Embrace

The people at Bravado were so impressed by the description of my boobs in the review of their nursing tank top that they have been sending me lavish gifts ever since. OK, that’s a big fat lie, nobody is that impressed by my boobs any more ;) I was offered the opportunity to test run… read more →

Breastfeeding a tongue tied baby (part 2)

In September last year I spoke about breastfeeding my tongue tied baby. I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up for a while and as it’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Week I figure maybe now’s as good a time as any. In my last post I complained that post-snip things got much worse in the weeks that… read more →

Asking for it

At some point in the past month Oliver has started ‘asking’ for boob by not-at-all-subtly smacking me in the chest. Of course each time I show him how to do “gentle hands” and I think that it’s finally sinking in as now he gently prods a few times and THEN smacks me (well that’s an… read more →

I have a nursing tank top that makes my boobs look great

I couldn’t think of a better way to title this post because it’s such a huge occasion for my boobs to look anything other than … actually, it’s probably better for all of us if I don’t finish that sentence. I recently got asked if I’d like to review a Bravado nursing bra or tank… read more →

Still Boycotting Nestlé

As my post on my decision to boycott NestlĂ© is doing the rounds on Facebook again (and I mentioned it on twitter this week) I thought I’d write an update on where I am with it. Firstly, it’s important to note that I’m not just sitting on my computer moaning about unfair marketing. I support… read more →

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Breastfeeding a tongue tied baby

Oliver turned 17 weeks yesterday – 4 months old. He had his tongue tie officially diagnosed and snipped a month today. Immediately after the snip, there was a big improvement. Then it got worse, much worse. Then it started to improve again. It still hurts (anything from minor discomfort to more uncomfortable pinching/rubbing) during around… read more →