Meal Plan 04/08-10/08

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Bit uninspired this week :P

  • Sun 4th: Roast chicken, mash, veg
  • Mon 5th: Creamy salmon pasta inspired by Jack (adjusted to make it dairy free/suitable for my fusspots)
  • Tue 6th: Chicken soup from carcass
  • Wed 7th: Mince & tatties
  • Thu 8th: Beany mince / salad filled pittas
  • Fri 9th: Pizza night
  • Sat 10th: Curry? probably

FYI if you want to get some ideas from my meal plans, you can browse the entire meal plan tag. We eat a lot of similar things mind you.

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  1. Catherine said:

    Hello. Hope you don’t me asking – how did you get the creamy salmon pasta dairy free? I’ve been wanting to make it myself but not entirely sure what to substitute. Thanks.