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Looking back: 13 things for 2013

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As the end of the year very quickly draws near, I’m thinking about setting my goals for 2014. Goals are like resolutions, but without the guilt if I fail … because they’re only goals (I know, that’s the lamest thing you’ve ever heard). But as with most years, I feel the need to look back at what I have and haven’t achieved and where better to start than with my goals for 2013?

In brief, they were:

  1. Finish at least 1 personal web project
  2. Take up an outdoor activity
  3. Go one month without using a supermarket / chain store
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Put up my prices
  6. Acknowledge one positive from every day
  7. Get my budgeting back on track
  8. Reach β€˜inbox zero’ on my personal email
  9. Finish a job to a deadline
  10. Give up sugar for a month
  11. Finish a project around the house
  12. Sort out my junk & sell it off
  13. Grow out my hair

I managed to complete #1 – finished switching this blog to Genesis – although created a bunch more projects over the year which now need finishing too. I successfully managed #5 and didn’t go out of business :) I finished a couple of jobs to deadline AND finished a project around the house (painted the hall) – albeit on Christmas eve! I sold a lot of junk but made a loss, which was annoying. Lastly, I grew out my hair, which is now back down past my shoulders but is top of the list of things to get rid of next year.

I’m disappointed I couldn’t manage #2 – I took up running but illness and then work got in the way. I’m hoping Oliver being in nursery from Jan will free up some time so I don’t have excuses to not run, though. I’m similarly disappointed that I didn’t manage to go the whole month without sugar, as it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (and I still take my coffee without sugar now, so that’s a plus).

The rest… pah. I think they will form the basis of my goals for next year. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – right?

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