February meal plans (1st-14th)

 |  Budgeting

Sorry about the cheaty back-dating of this one ;) I’ve got several posts in the works re: my new goal to pay off the mortgage etc but am poorly so not getting time / energy to finish them :(

(The chicken for the pie on the 10th was taken from the roast chicken I did last week and froze.)

As you can probably tell, I’m loving the ‘A Girl Called Jack‘ blog at the minute, and hope the recipes are as good as they sound (and as cheap!)

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  1. Manda said:

    I’m sure this is probably not news to you, but I came across a post about how to make your own veggie stock (and I assume chicken if you add a chicken carcass to the recipe) in a slow-cooker by using water and leftover scraps like onion peels, green bean ends, etc. When I read it I thought, “I wonder if Jem knows about this?” :P The post about it is here if you’re interested!