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Meal Plan Mondays (30th July)

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I went against last week’s meal plan and bought a chicken for yesterday so that I could incorporate chicken into several meals this week (penance for splurging on Domino’s). In case you missed the last entry, the chicken turned out to be a weird, mutant bird with dangly neck bits, but was fairly yummy all the same.

Anyway, this week’s plan:

Monday: Chicken & leek pie
Leftover chicken, a leek from the big shop – all the ingredients are in & accounted for so a total cost of nil.

Tuesday: Chicken soup
Meat and stock from the carcass, herbs etc all in. Another total cost of nil. (Now you see why I bought the chicken…)

Wednesday: Creamy salmon tagliatelle
A variation on this recipe; salmon cost £4, cream £1 and the tagliatelle was 95p. There’ll be enough of both to make another meal (or I’ll double up and eat salmon pasta for lunch for a week!) £5.95

Thursday: Cowboy pie
Not my favourite thing in the world but Isabel loves it. £1.79 for the sausages, £1.50ish for bacon and the rest is in and accounted for already. £3.29.

Friday: Corned beef hash
£2.49 for reduced salt corned beef and the rest is in.

Saturday: Butternut squash soup
Squash from last week’s veg box, another no cost (already accounted for) meal.

Sunday: Leftovers
The leftovers from the freezer that we should have had yesterday

Total cost this week (including veg box): £24.62 – that’s more like it!

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