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WTF, Tesco?!

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I decided not to do leftovers today; I bought a higher standards, not-raised-in-a-shed chicken from Tesco so that I could have chicken-themed meals tomorrow & Tuesday. Except I’ve just taken it out of the packing and discovered a piece of blue plastic inside it, a load of feathers and … pieces(?!) attached that should have been removed when it was prepared:

(not suitable for vegetarians or people of a sensitive, squeamish nature)

I just… wtf? I assume that’s some sort of neck thing? I have no idea. I expect these pieces to be removed before the chicken gets to me so that I don’t have to hack it about before I can put it in the oven. I will not be buying another chicken from Tesco any time soon.

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  1. Amanda M said:

    That is quite horrible. We only buy chicken from our local butcher, and we buy pre-portioned skinless boneless breasts only that come in a 30-pack so we pull what we need as we need it.

  2. Darnielle said:

    The blue plastic and feathers are a bit of a worry, but there’s a particular brand of chicken here that puts all the extra bits back into the chicken/packaging for pet food. It states it on the packaging though so I’m going to take a guess and say your chicken was a result of poor quality control.

    I’d definitely complain about it. I’m assuming you paid more, so you should get a nicer damn chicken!

  3. Mumblies said:

    The blue plastic will most likely be a chunk of plaster worn by whoever cleaned and dressed that bird. The string and straggly bits of skin are poor attention to detail, the chicken should have been dressed a lot better than it was, and the strange long sinews should also have been removed prior to packing. I also had chicken for dinner, ours was from Asda. It was free from feathers and had all the acky bits removed as yours should have been. Yours will have undoubtedly cost more whereas mine cost £6:00. I guess I’ll not be shopping at Tesco anytime soon.

  4. Nat Marie said:

    I wonder what the Tesco equivalent is in the US, so I can avoid going there.

    Also, my dork of a fiance said that it looked like someone gave birth to an alien. LOL.

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