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I’m not really the sort of person who lives her life by books of any sort (unless you count Pratchett’s Discworld series?) but have been reading a few lately that have had me pondering life, the universe, everything…

I bought How To Win Friends And Influence People roughly around the time I returned to work. I am not particularly interested in the friends bit (because I have enough of those of course ;)) but I know that I have quite a negative personality at times and find it difficult to talk to clients specifically. So in an attempt to become a better colleague, and better at answering the needs of clients (to make and complete sales, as well as in a user support role) I invested a few quid. I’ve not finished reading yet but think it’s already made a difference.

Secondly, and more to help me answer questions and settle ghosts from my own childhood, I bought Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. I’m not sure if it’s turning into a perfect mother … in fact I’m sure it’s not! However, it is also making a difference in that I have started identifying flashpoints which make me cross and helped me come up with ways to deal with my own feelings.

Both offer a lot of food for thought. I’m not sure what I hope to achieve in the long term by reading either of these but thinking and analysing oneself can’t be all bad (right?)

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  1. Audrey said:

    Self analysis and improvement are some of the toughest things for us, but also the most important. Bets of luck on your endeavors!

  2. Carly said:

    I’m the same with the negative bit – our old work used to do a lot to quash negativity. Once you’re pulling yourself up on it, it’s easy to recognise it and correct it. One thing that stuck with me for good is:

    ‘a problem without a solution is just complaining.’ I really liked that idea. It got us into the habit of not just moaning about bad stuff, but instead thinking about ways to make it better first. Which made everyone happy!

    I’m still quite bad for it though, but I’ve improved! Good luck – when you’ve finished the book, you’ll have to let me know if it’s been a help & if so, I’ll invest too!

  3. Stephanie said:

    Good luck! Like Audrey said, self-analysis is really really hard to do, and drives me nuts for the most part.

    I’m sure that you will be an epic mom. Because from my perspective, how could a (possibly former?) PHP Ninja not be epic?

  4. Vera said:

    Interesting, I always thought that self help books were uselesss. I recently read this article which claimed that some best seller author did not even make any real research for his/her book. But it is good to hear they helped :-)
    I also have these problems where I take clients too literally and the I just get myself needless headaches :-(

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