Do Not Buy Furniture From Homebase

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On the 22nd May I bought a sofa from Homebase on the Wellington Retail Park in Telford. We were told in store to expect a phone call within 5 days regarding delivery. We didn’t get a phone call.

On the 3rd June (the day we got the keys) I rang Homebase to inform them that our phone line might be down for a week and provided them with an alternative number (Karl’s mobile) to call instead. This had the added advantage that they’d still get through if we were at work They finally rang in the middle of the following week (around the 8th). Unfortunately they’d ignored my request, rang the house phone and got through to the answer phone.

That Thursday I rang them back and asked for a delivery; the only slot available was a Tuesday (when I’d be at work) or Saturday 19th June. We went for the Saturday: “any time between 7 and 12”.

By 12:15 on Saturday (after having waited in all morning, which meant I wasn’t able to get to the bank as planned) I’d realised that the sofa wasn’t going to arrive so called them again. I was told “sorry, but the system appears to have accidentally unbooked you last night”. Now, I’ve been using with computers for what… 10 years? I don’t recall ever having an application magically work itself.

Anyway, accidents happen, right? They apologise and promise to ring me back within 48 hours to reorganise delivery. I ask them again to make the call to Karl’s mobile. 48 hours passes.

Over 72 hours pass by before I finally get a phone call; again, on my landline, while I’m at work. I call back after I’ve finally got Isabel to bed, of course by this point the bloody call centre is shut. Call again the next day, “sorry” they say, “the department you need to speak to is busy, we’ll give you a call back within 48 hours”.

Har dee fucking har. Where have I heard that before?

Anyway, true to their word they did call back this morning, and they called on Karl’s mobile. Finally. Nearly a week after it was supposed to be delivered and over a month since we bought the bloody sofa in the first place. They suggested delivery on Tuesday or Thursday, both days we’re working and so will have to book off at our cost and inconvenience, so Karl had to ring me to check. Cue yet another round of phone calls, yet another explanation of our situation, yet another “can’t put you through to the right department, they’re busy”.

I’m furious. We were told we’d have our sofa within 28 days. They were only just within that with their first proposed delivery date, and after countless phone calls to an 0845 number costing me MORE than I’ve paid for delivery in the first place (not to mention at least 3 missed callbacks), 1 failed delivery and a string of chats with customer service personnel we’re still no closer to our sofa! Homebase furniture delivery sucks.

Update: have just had my latest promised callback. The sofa should be delivered on Monday between 7 and 12. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I’m surprised at Homebase, their customer service used to be really good. I will keep everything crossed in anticipation of the arrival on Monday.
    If it doesn’t arrive my suggestion would be to get onto Trading Standards immediately and see what they suggest. This is beyond ridiculous now.

  2. Brenny said:

    That’s terrible- hopefully they’ll arrive on Monday as promised.
    Also try using this website
    I use it all the time because we get geographical calls included in our package so I search for either a freephone number or a geographical number.
    Look forward to the update!

  3. Trisha said:

    Having to follow up your request twice or even thrice is already annoying! I hope they get their faulty system sorted out. :\ Bad management sucks.

  4. Heather said:

    Fingers are crossed! :)

    When we bought our sofa/loveseat/chair/tables set, they delivered it within 5 days. I’m in the US, though, so it wasn’t Homebase.

  5. Lee said:

    Once you have delivery I would write a letter of complaint and ask for a goodwill payment (better than asking for compensation) in respect to all the hassle you have had – if you paid for delivery this is the least they should give back to you.