Happy 1000th entry, and 8 years too!

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I was just gearing up to write an entry on the best of jemjabella as it’s 8 years since it was created on the 29th, so I logged into my dashboard and saw that I’d written 999 entries, making this number 1000!

Strictly speaking there’s been many, many more than that. For starters, my early blogging days were not blessed by a content management system and thus are in an archive of html files somewhere. Next, there’s the small matter of 2 hackings back in the day, and 2 lots of me deleting the wrong database and losing everything. Yes, my l33t skills weren’t always this l33t.

Anyway, on with the show… here’s my top 10 posts from over the years (in no particular order):

  1. In Which I Poke Fun at Apple — I find it hard not to be smug about the fact that Apple isn’t as perfect as the fanbois make out. >:D
  2. A Real Example of a Bad Web Developer — in which I pwn a grown man, which results in him removing his website from the interwebs.
  3. I’m a Woman, Actually — PMT at its finest. ;)
  4. Don’t Blame CSS for Your Incompetence — in which I pwn several grown men with my l33t CSS knowledge. I sense a theme occurring here…
  5. PHP Includes Aren’t What You Think — this needs re-iterating. Apparently people still think that include() is the be-all and end-all.
  6. My StumbleUpon Beating — because I’ll probably never again get over 20,000 unique hits in 24 hours :( Plus, that made me over £60 in referrals. :D
  7. Making Bold Claims The Wrong Way — Mallory cleared the air with me a while back, and I don’t hold any sort of grudge against her (or anyone that fucks me off… too little time, too much to do) but I have to LOL at myself because of the lengths I went to, to prove my point.
  8. Proper HTML Like Wot I Does — lmfao. There’s no other words.
  9. Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas? — this is a boring-ass post like whoa, but it brings me shitloads of hits. One day I’ll do something useful with it.
  10. Pants: Swimchick.net — it had to be in there. Jessica was the only person who ever accepted her award and we’re cool with each other, but this post STILL gets her rabid fans all of a fluster. I hope she finds it as funny as I do.

Shit, that was more difficult than I thought it would be. I’m not sure if it’s a measure of my awesomeness that there were more than 10 posts I thought rocked, or just an indication that I talk too much? Don’t answer that. ;)

Any memorable posts stick out in your mind from over the years?

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  1. Mumblies said:

    In my opinion I think the "I’m a Woman, Actually" is my all time favourite post, although I still think you should have named and shamed the pompous sexist twat IT tech that said "that he wanted the help of a real technician" some people just never learn.
    I fail to see why men get all het up and feel threatened over a woman doing the same job as they do.

    Here’s to your anniversary Jem *raises glass* and I’m looking forwards to reading the next 1000 (even if I do skim over the really complicated technical ones) :O)

  2. Shari said:

    Very nice, Jem! Most of the posts in your list were posted while I was away. I had a great time reading the first three; will read more later. Your blog never fails to entertain over the years. Can’t say I can name memorable posts off the top of my head, but definitely your "snarky" and informational (I know there’s a word for this but it escapes me) entries are what always keep me reading coming back for more.

    Of course, your mom posts are awesome, too. ;)

    Happy 1000th entry and 8 years, Jem! :)

  3. Shaun said:

    Happy 8 years Jem! I’m happy to say I’ve been visiting regularly for AT LEAST half of that, if not more. I hope you still enjoy it, because I enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Manda said:

    Happy 8 years and 1,000 posts! I still remember when I came across your blog in 2006… I’ve been reading it ever since. :) Here’s to another 8 years and 1,000 more posts!

  5. Rhys said:

    Happy blog day!

    I consider it a great honour that you’ve only once or twice pwned me. And even then that’s been in private ;)

  6. Clem said:

    I’ve been following your blog since its 5th birthday! That seems like a long time. :P 8 years is crazy. That’s about how long I’ve been on the internet.

    Happy blog birthday, and happy 1000 posts! :)

  7. Lilian said:

    Is it just me that laughed at the randomness of "Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas?" Truly these are amongst your greatest hits, Jem. Let’s not forget your birth stories (whilst horribly ‘detailed’ in parts, ultimately it was something wonderful and important), and likewise how you rescued itty-bitty Fudge. Of course, there is also your review of pixelfx. That will always have a special place in my heart.

  8. Regina said:

    Wow, 1000 posts eh? I hope that one day I get to that number :P
    I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of those posts, but just in case… *clicks links*

  9. Kristine said:

    Hey, will you look at that?! I share the same birthday as your site… I’m honored. :-P Your most memorable entries will always be the Pants awards in my heart.

    Happy blog birthday and happy 1000th post!

  10. Adam said:

    Wow, what a milestone 1000 entries is! And happy blog birthday, too :D

    One recentish entry I thought was memorable, was called "Personal Perspective" (I had to find that in the archive, I didn’t just remember the title for all this time :P) — not exactly upbeat in tone, but a very interesting read.

  11. Mimi said:

    I remember the girl that said she had cancer the most. You know, in response to your pants award? I don’t think that should be a top one but maybe an honorable mention. I wonder if she had a miraculous recovery.. (rhetorical question)

  12. Jenn said:

    I really wish I had all my post somewhere hidden on the web.

    Like you so many HTML entries before CMSs then B2, WP, Chyrp, Habari and so many other different times I moved, changed or what not. Crazy.

    Glad to see you still around. I have been reading since well, one of my friends I went to high school started reading your blog. Sarah from 3till7.net. I started reading and never stopped visiting. :) Keep those great, funny, rude, mommy whatever you want to call blog entries coming.

  13. Rise said:

    Your SwimChick award is what got me reading. I was hooked because I was so upset to see her site as it was. She got so much traffic and back then she had so much random crap on there, and a fair amount of copyright infringement going on.

    I remember hating how unfair it was because I wasn’t going to infringe copyright, but I wanted to be popular.

    Heck, I got bored of that type of site a couple of years back, tried the MySpace niche (too little, too late), and now I’m running a blog which has a YouTube, Twitter and Facebook account. I am so happy with how it’s going so far and I’m actually doing what I love. Maybe now I’ll actually get to advance in PHP. :p