Get with the times, Jem!

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I am finally caving to the RSS revolution and subscribing to blogs in an attempt to organise myself, and my browsing, a little more efficiently. I’ve decided on Google Reader because I’m a Google whore because it’s ‘net based and I can add the link to the groovy Opera Portal start page, but currently only have myself subscribed to 14 blogs.

So, err… favourite blogs you think I should be subscribed to? Self-promotion only allowed if you bribe me with cake :D

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  1. Hev said:

    *hands Jem a big piece of angel food cake* – Mine of course, lol. You wouldn’t like any of mine. They are mostly ones you know or cross stitching. Though this one {} Mila’s Daydream always makes me smile. You might like it. This one is cute also, though I am sure Ori will tell you about it also. My Milk Toof {}, it is kinda of a photo story, but it also is cute & funny. You may know about these already, but if not then you might check them out.

  2. adastra said:

    Don’t subscribe to my blog. It’s boring since I only blog about internet stuff, movies, knitting and the occasional vacation. Really nothing interesting at all.

  3. Rose said:

    Agh, I still can’t get into feed readers. But I don’t read that many blogs, so it doesn’t really matter.

    um, me, but I think you already subscribe to me… I’m really digging these days, plus dooce, smashing magazine, and All of which you probably already read, so… :P

  4. Hanna said:

    I have tooooooooooo many blogs in my feedreader. Well Blue Milk (which I think I have already recommended you several times), is pretty awesome blog. And then something totally different, from a fellow bee, I quite like Lunamatic (


  5. Charlie said:

    RSS is one of the few things I got into soon as, thinking of the live links I used to use on Firefox…

    You probably know this one already but: Clients From Hell :)

  6. Katie said:

    It took me a long time to get into RSS feeds, but not *this* long hehe. I bounced back and forth between many feed readers, and Google Reader is the one I settled on, too. I think you’ll like it :)

  7. Mumblies said:

    I are fick, I haz no blog :( does this mean I get no cake? (boohoo sobsob)

    However, I find this lady has a very entertaining and enlightening blog… h**p://

  8. Meg said:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get with the times, because adding blogs to a feed reader is too much effort (much more effort than straining my memory to recall what blogs I visit and like, obviously…I know, I’m so logical) and I’d always feel the need to keep up with the feed reader (therefore, it would help me procrastinate way too much).

    Favorite blogs: (which I see everyone else already mentioned),,, my family (,,

    Cake: ;)

  9. Bobbi-lee said:

    I would have thought you would have a feed reader already LOL
    Well I use google reader and it says in the title bar (1000+)! That’s undread blogs. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, and have them all categories, like photographers, crafters, tech, interior design and so on. Whenever I am bored i can go there and find something to read.

  10. Mimi said:

    I think you (and everyone else!!!) should subscribe to I look forward to new entries daily because it makes me lol every time! Stupid real life customer incidents, so much fun.

  11. Kya said:

    Wow, I seriously feel like cake now. Evil.

    It took me ages before I started to subscribe to blogs via RSS and it took me a while to find what I should use to read them. I found Feedly in the end which I like, sometimes it can be a bit clunky, but if I give it a slap it starts working again. It is an online version as well. :D

    Will you share some of the cake used from the bribery? ;D

  12. Diana said:

    Ooh, I used to be addicted to Google Reader. Then one day there were "1000+" unread items, and I went NOOOOOOOOO and closed the tab and never looked back. (Except I did, just today! I am being more conservative with my subscriptions, though.)

    Recommendations! There’s me (GUFFAW) (*cake*) and then I think I’d like to recommend It’s always so pleasant.

  13. Zaphiie said:

    Meh. I’ve never been into feed readers, and I’m dubious as to whether I ever will. It makes blog reading seem like a bit of a chore, to be honest, having them all pop up like annoying unread emails. I’m all for having my favourite blogs bookmarked, and actually visiting them regularly to check for updates.

    However, if I throw some Devils’ Food Cake at you (good stuff, that), then I have the smallest-of-all-small chances of throwing my link out there. is my blog, although it’s not hugely clever, funny or interesting. If you have a spare moment though, I’d love it if you took a look :D

  14. Georgina said:

    I feel like I should get with the times too. I just keep a list or bookmark people’s websites and visit them whenever I feel like it or when I anticipate a new blog post. :P

    I actually like reading yours, haha. I like AnneMarie’s @ I’ll admit her layouts aren’t always the best, but I like the way she writes. I also like Rachel’s @

    I’m pretty proud of my own blog. ;)

  15. Sammi said:

    Wow I never knew that you could do that o.o Thanks for the idea hahaa. I should probably read about more news anyways. I used to know a lot about all those kinds of things, but man – I don’t read blogs much anymore. I need to get myself into the habit again. Decided to restart my blog -sigh-. I wish I could help you with more interesting blogs, but I’m unhappy to say that I have no freaking idea D: On another note, if you’re lacking blogs to read (which I highly doubt — noting the amount of replies haha) you can check mine out at: ^^

  16. Krystal said:

    I use google reader to keep up to date with blogs as well. I like to read and comment on my blogs as soon as they’ve created a new entry. It really helps me because I don’t have to visit a list of blogs everyday just to check if they’re blogged or not.