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Thank You Internet Peoples

 |  Parenting, Personal

Thank you all for the well wishes, congratulations, advice and support on my last entry, and via e-mail/twitter. I can see that my bastard child has some expectations to live up to. ;) For the record, I’m sure that — despite the heathen, unmarried environment into which we’re bringing this child (with lesbian grandparents no less) and the clear lack of sex education in Britain which led to this terrible oversight — Karl and I will be able to manage just fine. Anyway…

I hate to disappoint so early, but I don’t have any intentions of becoming a ‘mommy blogger’. My thoughts on personal/familial privacy aren’t going to change because Karl super-spermed me. Obviously, like every other part of my life, it’s inevitable that I will mention my ongoing pregnancy and (hopefully) the birth/following years of horror/sleepless nights/all that other terrifying crap we’re in for, but I’m not going to suddenly dedicate my blog to the sprog. (Yep, that means plenty more cat posts.)

On that note: in totally unrelated news, Wednesday 29th was the 7th anniversary of my website. Go me!

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  1. Stephanie said:

    I can’t believe nobody thought to bring up the lesbian grandparents. Mumblies would have had someone’s head for that one.

    I knew you’d never be a blasted mommyblogger. Eff that. You have more important things to blog about than how many times sproglet has coughed up on your shoulder.

  2. Manda said:

    I never pictured you as becoming a mommy blogger, even after you announced you were pregnant. It just didn’t seem like something that would happen. (Which I think is good, because personally, I find mommy blogs a little terrifying, with the whole "no privacy" thing that goes hand in hand with a mommy blog…)

  3. M said:

    Congrats and good luck! :) However…

    "Karl super-spermed me" Never EVER use a term like that again. Please. Ever. :(

  4. Roxanne said:

    I figured this site would never turn into a "mommyblog", it just doesn’t seem the type. Hope all goes well and can’t wait to read some updates on the kitties and how things are going. Good luck!

  5. Aisling said:

    I don’t know… I didn’t expect your blog to become a kitty blog either… ;)

    Ooh, 7 years. I wish I’d stuck with a site for that long! I need to stop being such a jumpy bean.

  6. Darnielle said:

    The term ‘bastard child’ cracks me up, being the childfree Nazi I am because all children are bastards to me. :)

    I think two blogs about the impending doom that is a baby esplodging from your lady parts makes you a mommyblogger, Jem. Especially when the second post is on a Friday when there should be pictures of Fudge, Hex and/or the guinea pigs instead! Hehe :P

  7. Hev said:

    For those of you that know me know that I don’t cuss or use language beyond what my adopted 9year old can hear. But to the little idiot that needs to wake up & realize that we are all living in the 2000s & not the 1920s. F-word you. My Desi is also consider a bastard. No she isn’t mine, nor is she Jock’s but we are her parents.

    Jem & Karl: This is what I believe is required for child raising. Love, patience, kindness, Love, caring, the ability to provide food clothing & a roof over their head. But most of all is Love. I honestly believe that you will be able to provide that for your little one.

    Also if you choose to remove the first paragraph I will understand. It just pisses me off when people are mean (lack of a better word) to a child. It is an innocent being. I don’t think Karl or you have done anything wrong. Besides how many children actually have to parents that love each other. (I think someone else mentioned this on your previous entry)

    But I honestly don’t think you will be posting as much or able to do as much online as you are now once the little one comes. You also had better tell me the name, birth weight, date & time, & sex of the little one. As a friend I wanna know. I skip pics, but I wanna know the other stuff, please.

  8. Noellium said:

    Woohoo, happy late birthday Jem’s blog! :D

    I have trouble seeing Jemjabella as a full-fledged mommy blog anyway. ^^;

    (Kitty/guinea pig owner blog on the other hand… :3)

  9. Anthony said:

    I thought a bastard child was a child without a dad? Karl, is the dad… so, I don’t know. I’m sure once the baby comes along you won’t be able to help but post at least one blog about him or her. Once again, I am really happy for you!

    I love your sarcasm.

  10. Darnielle said:

    @Anthony: A bastard child is one born out of wedlock. It’s a really old school term, because domestic partnerships weren’t acceptable way back when.

    Whoever used it obviously doesn’t realise this kid is going to have just as much love and attention as it would if its parents were married. Ick. Marriage.

  11. Emily said:

    Marriage seems so archaic to many nowadays anyway- I have so many friends who are "bastards" and nobody gives it a second thought.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck :D

  12. Anthony said:

    I was always called a bastard because my "dad" walked out on my sister, mom and I. Over here in that states that’s what a lot of people think it is ha ha. But yea, bastard children are still lovely, so no worries.

  13. Mumblies said:

    Firstly Jem I would like to congratulate you on the 7th anniversary of your wonderfully entertaining and informative website :) I never doubted you would be able to do it, and take such pride in seeing your name in print and reading your blogs and pretending to read your coding and teaching sections as they go that far over my head they could paint the ceiling for me.

    Secondly, It’s good to see more blogs, of whatever content. They will never cease to keep me avidly glued to my screen and brighten up my darkest hours. I am looking forwards to seeing lots more posts of Hex and Fudge as well as other posts.

    @ Stephanie, you are so right, the vitriol I could have spewed in Jem’s defence does not bear thinking about. (But would possibly have been rather entertaining for you all) :D

    @ Hev, your ideals are spot on and I am in total agreement with your opinion that a piece of paper is not necessary to raise a child, Love,trust,patience,encouragement and caring along with the normal food/clothing etc is all you need regardless of your marital status or sexual orientation. Go you!

    Besides, who’s to say that Jem and Karl havn’t snuck out and married already? Or plan to do so on the QT?…people shouldn’t guess when they pass judgements. I’m sure their child won’t give a damn either way if Mum and Dad are married or not.

  14. Carly said:

    Jem, I hope you’ll be posting the sagas surrounding the pregnancy though – I for one would love to hear how you found out and if you were shocked! Was it like Heather on Eastenders? Hehehe!

    Seriously though, congrats to you both, but I totally saw it coming! I thought it 30 seconds before I decided to check your site, as I said in my last comment!! I always knew I was a little psychic!

  15. Chans said:

    First of all happy belated birthday to your website. Here’s to many more years to come :D

    I can only agree with Hev as to what a child needs and I’m sure you and Karl can give your child exactly that.

  16. Caity said:

    I couldn’t imagine you being a mommy blogger. That sentence made me giggle. I’ll look forward to hear the tidbits you do share but in the meantime I will look forward to the Jem posts I know and love.

    Happy Birthday to!

  17. Lauren said:

    How rediculous that "bastard child" would be someones first thought! I didn’t even realise that people still think that way. Last time I checked getting married doesn’t magically make you a better parent or more capable of loving your child. Congratulations and good luck with everything :)

  18. Stepherz said:

    There’s something creepy about complete strangers knowing more details on your kids than family members…

    Here’s to another seven years! :)

  19. Mat said:

    Sup yo.
    You know you miss me and i already knew of all this caper as i am ultra-cool…like fonzie.

    Let me just extend a big congratulations to yourself and Karl from both Kase and I.

    I shall retuneth to the internet soon; yes we moved house and it’s super awesome.. 3 stories of yummy posho goodness but no high speed broadband so back to regular old ADSL *points gun and shoots*

    Till then,
    Take care Jembo.

  20. Jordie said:

    Urgh, I am sorry for being so unfashionably late with congratulations. So… er… CONGRATS! You *will* name your offspring after me, won’t you? *puppy eyes* :P

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