Making Toad in the Hole

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Melly was talking earlier this week about Toad in the Hole, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week. I love the stuff. Normally, I buy the ready-made zap in oven stuff by Aunt Bessie’s, but I’ve gone off it in recent years (I can only assume they tweaked the recipe or something.)

So anyway, I acquired some yorkshire pudding batter measurements from Louby, and bought some nice tasty pork sausages from the local shop (too late to get the proper thing from the butcher.) It took me about 5 minutes to get the whole thing prepared and ready, and is dead simple… which makes it the perfect recipe to share. (This makes enough for two good size portions; increase measurements as required.)

Pre-heat the oven as hot as you can get it. Grease your tray or dish with butter to prevent sticking (I used tin foil but it’s really not ideal.) Sieve 100g plain white flour in to a bowl, and make a well in the centre. Gradually mix in 400ml milk to form a milky substance, not dissimilar to vanilla milkshake in appearance and texture (although I wouldn’t recommend drinking it). Whisk in a small egg.

batter mix

When the oven is super hot — smoking, even — add your sausages to the dish and pour the batter mix in.

ready for oven

Cook until a nice even brown all over, and serve with mashed potatoes, veg and gravy. Hopefully yours will rise a little better than mine did (although it was delicious all the same).

toad in the hole

Quite coincidentally, I’ve just found out it’s British Yorkshire Pudding Day! How apt.

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  1. Vera said:

    Looks interesting… although I’d never think of eating pudding with sausages.

    By the way, what type of pudding is "yorkshire pudding"? I highly doubt I can waltz into our supermarkets and ask for that :| Would a regular Dr Oetker pudding be the same?

  2. Nellie said:

    *pats Vera* Yorkshire pudding isn’t anything like the pudding you’re thinking of!

    It’s funny you’re posting about Toad in the Hole. I just got the "secret family recipe" for Yorkshire pudding off my mother who made the suggestion of Toad in the Hole for the bucket load (literally!) of sausages I had no idea what to do with. They’re clogging up my damn freezer!

  3. Mumblies said:

    It looks fine to me Jem, maybe slightly hotter oven to start with is all. You can add fried onions into that mix too, makes it taste yummy. :) Doing it in Pyrex makes cooking easier, no need for the foil then and try making your mixture with a tiny bit less milk or milk/water.

  4. Larissa said:

    Ooo, yummy. I love toad in the hole, especially with gravy and lots of mashed potatoes. ^_^

    I didn’t know there was a Yorkshire Pudding day! =O

    Its a good job I ate Yorkshire puddings yesterday with my Sunday lunch. haha xD

  5. Naco said:

    I have never heard if that (for obvious reasons :P) it looks good though! I may have to see if there’s an equivalent that I can make here.