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Insert Tumbleweed Here

 |  Parenting, Personal

I should have known that blogging about not blogging would be an invitation for something drastic to happen, rendering me all but incapable of blogging, resulting in… blog irony or something. (Don’t count how many times “blog” appears in that sentence.) The fact that I have a tummy bug, and a cold on top of that, and work has suddenly gone from relatively quiet to rushed off my feet in the space of a couple of weeks leaving me exhausted at the end of each day is just… sod’s law. Life lesson: the bigger your todo list, the more likely it is something will prevent you from tackling it.

When I’m not snoozing under the duvet on the sofa, glued to crappy TV, I’ve been thinking about what to plant this spring. Because of the recent move, Karl and I have very limited space now for growing. No proper garden, only what can be described as a pile of rubble masquerading as a rockery down the side of the driveway (although unfortunately somewhat sheltered by a low wall). That said, we are fortunate to have several large and VERY sunny windowsills, so I am hoping that we shan’t be a total no-grow area. Smaller plants only, I think. (If you’ve any cat safe recommendations for human edible plants, do share. I have 8 strawberry plants but could do with some variety.)

I’ve been asked to mention the Litter Kwitter, but the thought of cat poo is turning my stomach so I shall leave that delight for another time. So there we are, I am still alive :)

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  1. Hanna said:


    Anyway I wish you luck with the berries and plants and hopefully kittes won’t eat them all :)

    And get better soon.

  2. Aisling said:

    Lol, Anita, you know if you have nothing to say you can just… not comment, right? ;)

    Anyway, I am quite excited for planting season, even though we can start until after Maylong (long weekend in May) because of our unpredictable weather (we got a foot of snow Sunday, right after most of it had melted away). We plant beans and peas and carrots in our garden. Strawberries are in a flower bed. We used to grow catnip in there, but we decided to move it when it tried to take over… but some STILL grows there! We also have rhubarb and my favourite (you should grow THIS in the window box): chives. I’m sure you know what they are, but if you don’t, they’re little green onions. My cats and dog sometimes chew on them when they’re in the yard, and they’re fine. And I use them in EVERYTHING. Pretty much anything I cook, tuna sandwiches, grilled cheese, etc. Yum yum yum.

  3. Anita said:

    Well what can I say, Aisling, I come for the coding posts :p I only commented because I THOUGHT I was going to be lucky enough to get first comment, but…Vasili went and crushed my dreams. Feel bad, Vasili. Feel bad. ;)

  4. Jem said:

    I tried to grow chives last year Aisling, because I love them too, but had no luck. May have been the age of the seeds though, I should get some more.

  5. Aisling said:

    @ Jem: Or try and get some that are already sprouted. :P That’s how we got ours. My grandma had some in her yard, we took some, we’ve taken a little bit the two times we’ve moved since, and they just take over the entire space they’re given!

  6. Melissa said:

    I’m surprised Kristina hasn’t been by here to abuse your tumbleweed. :P Like um…make juice out of it… *is weirded out*

    PLANTS! I need to follow your example and do some kind of gardening thing too. I wish I could offer some amazingly awesome advice and suggestions…but alas, I has no green thumb currently. *sob*

    I also don’t mind that you haven’t written a blog…in a while. ;) As long as I can talk to you at least every other day I will be happeeeez. :D

  7. Anthony said:

    I thought you died, to be honest. I love growing strawberries! and other fruits as well, but since I’ve moved I have no place to grow anything D: Well I hope you get better real soon Jem!!!!

  8. Mumblies said:

    What about the tiny cherry tomatoes? You could maybe grow some of them, that is…if the furkids leave the plants alone.

  9. Kristina said:

    *kristina rolls the tumbleweed into little balls, flattens them and bakes until golden brown*

    I think you should have a plum tree. We have one :D

  10. Val Garner said:

    Hope you feel better soon. It’s awful when the to do list is so big and you feel lousy on top of it. It’s difficult to rest when you know you have a pile of things to do.
    What about some small tomato plants?

  11. Hev said:

    Catnip won’t be left alone by the furkids. They will be going crazy.

    Why is it that people seem to think that all Jem should post about is coding. Geesh, she does have a life outside the bloody computer & coding.

  12. Latrina said:

    I have been dying to plant as well. Although, I live in an apartment building so it’s killing me not having my own yard.. I have settled for nice house plants though. The fiance and I are going out and looking for a couple soon. :) Can not wait.

    As for cat friendly plants.. I’m not quite sure. I’m sure there’s plenty out there. Are herb gardens okay? Would be great on a kitchen window sill, I am even thinking about doing that.

  13. Anita said:

    @Hev: Never said that, I just thought I might get lucky enough to get first comment, hehe. XD

    I just really like reading her techy posts, I usually don’t comment on the other posts. But I don’t want her to stop what she is doing and post about nothing but geeky things. :P

  14. Mimi said:

    LOL @ Melly. What about chamomile? I think that’s safe for cats and it makes delicious tea! Granted it’s not really edible (to my knowledge anyway) but tea is nice! *loves tea a little too much*

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