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What up, my homies! (Or Something…)

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Hi-dee-ho! :)

No thanks to the 150 or so spam messages in my inbox, here I am, online at last. Apparently I pissed someone off enough for them to want to sign my e-mail address up to 100+ newsletters. I’m guessing they didn’t count on the fact that in 3 clicks, I could run a filter on my inbox to delete them all. It’s then easy to set SpamAssassin to reject any future mails with “newsletter” in the body (yes, I care that little about false positives.) In fact, it probably took longer for them to sign up than it did for me to get rid of the mails. Aw, please try harder next time, n00bs.

Incidentally, this does make me wonder how mailing lists are regulated across the world. At work, we’re required to double opt-in users, with a single opt-out. This means that fake sign-ups are weeded out, which reduces bandwidth on our side, and limits the annoyance for the user (if its possible to have limited annoyance with bloody mailing lists). I’m guessing that’s not the same everywhere, as only a small fraction of those in my inbox were “Please confirm…” mails.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, my short break (including time off work, woot) is now over and thus all will return to normal tomorrow. Unfortunately. :P

Aside from visiting family, I have spent the past few days chilling out. I’ve actually played with my Wii for the first time in months, although have got stuck at a spot in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’ve done the Forest Temple, got all the tears of light (or whatever they are) in Kakariko Village, tamed Epona, and learnt how to sumo. On heading back to Kakariko, one of the kids was stolen. I’m now on my horse chasing the baddie, with several other baddies on wild boars around me. I’ve tried chasing and ignoring the boar-riders; getting off my horse and killing the baddies that are riding the boars; running around in circles like a complete idiot… yes, I’m none the wiser. (Hints, please!)

In completely unrelated news, the recent bad weather (almost constant rain) has done wonders for my runner beans and yet the said same rain is killing my cabbages. Drainage is identical, I’m wondering if it’s more likely related to the depth of the soil and the size of the plants (one would assume that bigger plants ‘drink’ more water?) It’s not going to matter sooner or later anyway, because the bloody slugs are upping their game somewhat. I’m going to have to re-start my midnight campaigns with a torch and bucket of salt.

Still, I have a weird and wonderful collection of veg growing now. Turnips and radish in an old baby bath, some sort of chinese cabbage (if I recall correctly), cauliflower, my peppers and tomatoes, runner beans, courgette still going strong, lettuce, bunching onions and beetroot. Not bad for my first year of growing. (If any of you are thinking of starting a veg plot, I do have some book recommendations. Grow Your Own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom should be your very first purchase, with Grow Your Own Veg by Carol Klein a close second.)

I think the best part so far is the look on people’s faces when I tell them that I’ve recycled a plastic baby bath as a make-do planter. It was one of the many items of crap left in our garage when the previous tenant moved out. Unfortunately, going back to my mention of drainage earlier, it only has the one hole. I’m thinking of investing in some fold up planters (they have proper holes) for next year though, even if they are too conventional.

I bought a new pair of boots this month, to protect my little toesies from the rain when I’m walking to work. Regressing to my childhood somewhat, I decided a pair of Dr Martens would be most appropriate (I lived in a pair of worn out classic black Docs as a kid). I wanted their proper padded-ankle walking style boots but those were unavailable, so I decided on these boots in “TAUPE + PERGAMERIA IRIDE”. They’re probably the most feminine thing I own. Unfortunately, the backs of the heels are a bit stiff — as demonstrated by the large blisters on each foot — but it shouldn’t take too long to break them in.

So I think that’s about it for me? You’d have to hope so, with the amount I’ve waffled about…

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25 comments so far

  1. Mumblies said:

    When this years ‘babybath’ veggies are done, empty the bath onto something to save the compost, turn it upside down and with an electric drill, make lots of holes in the bottom all over with a medium sized drill bit (borrow mine if Karl doesn’t have one) then refill it and hey presto, no more drainage problems there!
    Looking forwards to seeing pics of these veggies….;) hint hint.
    The new boots are FAB! I love the colour, and pattern but didn’t think they were that ‘girly’ (I suppose it depends on your viewpoint) and once they are broken in nicely, will be wonderful for walking in. (I have another pair you can have, hardly worn at all and they have been broken in nicely already for you) :)

  2. Vasili said:

    I’ve only beaten TP 3 times (working on my fourth), one of them was the GameCube version. You don’t get off your horse, just attack King Bubblin (I think that’s how you spell it), the guy who stole Collin. The next part when you’re on the Bridge of Eldin is hard! You have to dash at like the last point and slash him. It’s so much harder on the Wii then GameCube. :( The Lake Bed Temple sucks just so you know. :)

  3. Katy said:

    yeah, I was going to suggest a drill too :P

    and Docs always always always rub chunks out of heels :(. Well, every pair I’ve ever had has, anyway (boots and shoes). But worth it in the end!

  4. Melissa said:

    I got stuck at the same part for about 2 days, I just couldn’t get past it. Then I did – attacking the main dude – and got stuck on the next part on the bridge.

    The next time I was going to play it the boyfriend let me know he’d traded it in, so I never got past there. Men, eh? Just because he couldn’t get it didn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying playing it.

  5. Angela said:

    Haha, i love when idiots do shit like that. Always makes for some good LOLZ.

    I’m jealous, those Docs are hot! The US Docs just aren’t the same quality anymore, and a friend of mine who got a pair in GB definitely said that since they started making them here the quality just isn’t the same. I miss good old imported Docs :(.

  6. Spencer said:

    Whoa! Sorry to hear about the spam. I hate encountering malicious people, internet or not.
    I recently got back from my summer travels and thought I’d catch up on some of the blogs I usually read! I just started playing my Wii more as well and caught up on my Super Mario Galaxy. Damn, I love that game! I still have to catch up on Zelda as well, you are definitely further than me.

  7. Hev said:

    Oh my, I want your boots, Jem. I love them. Put big band-aids on your heels until they get broke in, that is what I do with my boots.

    Thanks for the css help. I don’t look until I get permission, lol.

  8. Aaron said:

    Hehe… homies. And that Zelda thing went right over my head. It’s taking a lot of will power not to make fun of you or something. Well, will power, and the knowledge that you could destroy any credibility I have with a four word sentence.

    I’m glad your gardening is coming along, though. I never got into it, regardless of how ahrd my mom tried, and growing veggies is pretty difficult so kudos!

  9. Robmarie said:

    I am LOVING those boots! *WANT*

    I haven’t played Twilight Princess in the longest time… not like I was good at it, anyway :P I can’t wait to find out what the new Zelda is all about!

  10. Han said:

    ahh that bit is a bitch!
    I assume you know how to get rid of the fire? you use the windy boomerang or whatever its called.

    Stay close to the back of the wagon and keep knocking the monsters off the piggies, (their called piggyback riders – geddit! :P)

    Watch out for those birds that fly over head they carry bombs and drop them = when they explode the wagon goes off track – ether kill the birds or use your windy boomerang do dah to blow the bombs away and keep the wagon on track – its the same for the next bit – and the next bit too.

    Its haaaard! Only took me 2 goes though – w00t :P

  11. Cristina said:

    Hah that happened to me a long time ago. I got in a fight with my friend when we were in middle school and she signed me up for porn emails in hopes my parents would catch it while I was checking my email. So silly.

    I love the boots! Very stylish!

  12. Melissa said:

    Whut upz, playa?! XD

    I’m going to have to look at those books you linked, because I would feel ever so accomplished if I were able to grow my own veggies and not kill them in the process. :D

    Zomg, Jem…those boots are cuuuuute! I love the artsy stuff on the side!

  13. Yesenia Gutierrez said:

    Ah, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! Fun times! Lets see…

    The main boss is on the field carrying a large staff and carrying Collin.
    Kill the main boss that has Collin (the kid taken), keep tearing him apart (main boss) until you hit him enough. This will trigger an event where it takes you to the bridge and then you joust until you win, so stay on the horse.

    Hehe, hope you got through it! ^_^

  14. Sarah said:

    I think I am stuck at the same spot in Zelda. The one with the boomerang and the carriage that they are setting on fire right? I’ve been stuck there for months because I just gave up. Thinking of flying my little sister out just so she can get me past it!!

  15. Sarah said:

    OMG OMG OMG, I love that game! Righto, so I always beat the boar guy (who’s carrying Colin, right?) while on my horse. I’d spur Epona on and try to reserve at least two spurs for when the guy got close. Then, I’d Z-target from my horse onto the big boar man, or any nearby enemies, and commence to smacking up on them. You have to whack the big boar guy like two or three times before you’ll finish that segment.

  16. Jem said:

    @Sarah (August 23rd): No, you’re further on in the game than I was (turned out, the bit I was stuck at was easy, I just hadn’t realised you could use your sword while on Epona, because in the other Zelda games you can’t!)

    Anyway, the key to getting past the bit you’re on is to kill the birds in the sky – they’re the ones that drop the bombs that scare the horse that controls the carriage. Once you’ve done that and the carriage is on the right track to Kakariko, you should be all right :)

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