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Typical Man – Sex on the Brain

 |  Parenting, Personal

Jem: I’ll pop your drivers license in my purse
Karl: Is that some kind of sexual metaphor, for later?

Yes dear, yes it is. shakes head

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  1. Mimi said:

    If you were talking about more than one driver and their licenses, it would be “Drivers'”, however if it is just one driver and you are talking about their one license, it would be “Driver’s”

    Anywho, that’s an odd pick up line! O.o

  2. Jessica said:

    Oh, yeah, I agree with you about that, actually.

    & Guys are always so perverted! Lol! Esp. whenever they’re younger. That guy seems really, really delightful though ;D Pahahah.

  3. Hev said:

    Oh my, I am wondering if I should give this site an R rating, lol. Just teasing, Jem. What is wrong are you not paying enough attention to Karl or is he not paying enough attention to you? Sounds to me like someone is in a playful mood, lol.

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