Telford Isn’t All Bad

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Now that I’ve convinced you all I live in some sort of scummy drug-filled ghetto where the lowest of the low choose to take root and reproduce, I would like to point out that it’s not all bad.

Telford — named after Thomas Telford the famous civil engineer — is home to the The Iron Bridge, the first bridge of its size in the world to be made of cast iron. Telford (the town) played a key part in the Industrial Revolution and as such boasts a large collection of historic sites including Blists Hill Victorian Town and the Jackfield Tile Museum.

Telford was created by merging several smaller towns to form a “new town” (a planned community). In its centre, there’s a large shopping centre: Telford Shopping Centre. Although the Town Centre is a popular congregation point for groups of chavs, there’s a large variety of shops and convenient amenities… particularly useful during the festive season when you’ve left your shopping until the last minute. :X

There are many beautiful spots in Telford, where wildlife and greenery is encouraged to flourish. Unfortunately these are becoming rarer as the community is added to over and over, with commercial development and new housing creeping over the town like a bad rash. I hope as the weather warms I’ll be able to get out with my camera and take some local pictures of the nicer areas.

Some parts of Telford have an amazing community spirit, where people pull together and achieve wonders for their local area.

I quite like living in Telford and don’t intend to move away any time soon. So there you have it. Even Telford has a silver lining! :)

Despite forcing myself to write an entry on some of the positives of Telford — of which there are plenty if you look in the right places — I felt somewhat proved right by my original post this afternoon. I was sat in the town centre waiting for my bus when no more than a metre away, a middle-aged man pulled out a cigarette paper and started rolling a joint. Despite the area being both non-smoking, and packed with kids, the nearest bus shelter employee looked at him, gave a jolly laugh and walked away. :|

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  1. Carly said:

    Is the Telford mayor paying you to say nice things about the town??

    I hate Derby (where I live) I really want to move back to York!!

  2. Jem said:

    @Carly: hah.. no! I have plenty more bad things I could say but I feel it’s unfair to paint Telford as all scummy, when it’s not. I wouldn’t live here if it was really that bad ;)

  3. Chantelle said:

    This posts sounds quite forced. XD But it’s good to see the positive sides of Telford and Thomas Telford seems like he was an interesting fellow. :)

  4. Kate said:

    Omg! I live about 15 miles away from Teleford. I love it there! Aha. It has beautiful greenery and you’ve gotta love Wonderland. :P

    And the big frog clock in the shopping centre lol.

    Haven’t been there in a while. :/

    Take care x x x

  5. Sarah said:

    I didin’t realise you still live in Telford, Jem. :)

    I know we knock Telford and it does annoy us at times, but we have Ironbridge which is a beautiful area that is nearby in which we can escape to. I love going to Ironbridge in the summer, I hope to this summer weather permitting.

  6. Karl said:

    the silver lining is pollution, dear..:)

    There are some lovely areas inside Telford itself..once you find them. We’ve lived in 2 so far..heh.

    I still prefer Shrewsbury though. Much more historic and pretty.

  7. Lemm said:

    Don’t forget, we have a Lush shop in the town center too…that’s about the only reason I have for going to that place, mind.

  8. Aisling said:

    I think most cities and towns are like that. Like, I can probably sit here for two days pointing out all the bad things about my city, but I can also spend two days pointing out the nice things. I suppose, in the end, it’s the same with any relationship you have to anything — you have to take the good with the bad. :P

  9. Aimée said:

    Haha, I’d think they’d charge for Telford shirts…

    Even so, that’s too bad about the growing rash of houses. A bit of ointment applies twice a day should mend that right up.

  10. Christine said:

    Mm… ignoring the forced post debate, i’ll just comment on the actual content! ^^

    i live in a rough area where people always make fun of me and ask about junkies and stuff. but i love it! it’s close to everything, great view. buses are easily accessable, and they just added some grass to the sidewalks! (easiest way to class up a place imo).

    there’s always a silver lining. :)

  11. Annie said:

    Despite what others have said about Telford I love it. I’m just wondering how the plans surrounding the Town Centre are going, only time will tell.

  12. Mumblies said:

    You live in Telford (or at least in the area of Telford) for one reason Jem…I moved here, met your dad and subsequently had you and your sister and brothers. Having lived in a lot of places, both here in the UK and overseas too I have to say, although there are indeed some not so nice parts/people in Telford, it’s not too bad mostly. I daresay most people hate or dislike where they live and will always find bad things to say about their own particular place of residence.

  13. Julie said:

    “the silver lining is pollution”

    Haha, so true of Montreal at least.

    About how big is Telford? With a city as big as Montreal, you can’t really generalize for the whole town, you have to speak in terms of area.

  14. Renate said:

    You have bus shelter employees? Dude. I envy you. A little bit – would envy you even more had they been prone to cracking down on smoking.

  15. Theresa said:

    That’s awesome. Someone actually rolled a joint in public, I’ve never actually had the honor of seeing something so careless in it’s nature. I might even PAY to see that.

  16. Katie said:

    Ah, I remember doing a research project on the Industrial Revolution, and the Iron Bridge being a huge part of it. I must say I’m a little jealous – I’m a big history geek and living close to such an iconic invention would be like heaven.