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Sorry I Keep Going On About It, But…

 |  Interwebs – THE website reviewing community opened it’s doors to the initial beta testers 2 weeks ago today, and here we are having amassed 329 users with 2009 points; 740 reviews on 87 sites totalling some 294,715 words; and over 10,000 page views so far today. If you’re interested, have some stats in all their numerical glory…

Google is slowly slipping into its index… I got a referral via a google search for “jemjabella script security” (of all things) and shows over 440 pages indexed.

StumbleUpon has sent a few hundred hits our way, although I’m not sure if it’s resulted in any sign-ups yet. 8 users (including myself) have added to their accounts and you’re more than welcome to do the same, of course ;)

Over 10% of the visitors stick around for 1hr or more, and this is a statistic that will have been skewed by StumbleUpon’s “quick hits”, so it may be that significantly more of you are actually spending large amounts of time there.

Browser stats show an unsurprising sway towards Firefox, racking up 69.6% in total. IE users make up approximately 19% which is slightly disappointing, because I still haven’t made a real effort to make the site work in IE (sucks for them, I guess). Glad to see that the majority of IE users are running 7.0, though.

I’ve used 3.6GB bandwidth since the site opened, averaging approximately 400MB a day, so I’m on par to use about 12GB a month. (Who do I send the bill to? Just kidding, just kidding…)

106% of you have added to your browser favourites. Yes, not sure that one is entirely accurate, somehow.

So there we are. I think I’m allowed to call that a success? I hope to have 500 users by the end of the month, with double the reviews. I’m not sure if that’s a lofty goal, but it’s better to aim high than not bother aiming at all (because then you get piss all over the bathroom floor.)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

27 comments so far

  1. M said:

    Ooh you should have an “official” stats page on, I love stuff like that! Average number of reviews/sites/members per day, average points per user, average number of reviews per user/site etc. Gah I am so nerdy :(

    106%? Pfft, I haven’t added it to my bookmarks.

    I am one of those IE users. Be nice to us ;)

  2. Minmin said:

    Well done Jem. Good analytical skill. It is a great report.
    jkjk :P

    That’s amazing. Love, but I wonder when I will have the guts to put my site on review.

  3. Hannah said: was already in my browser favorites and my “speed dial” add-on, but now that you’ve reminded me I added it to Delicious and gave it a thumbs up on Stumbleupeon. :)

  4. Allee said:

    “it’s better to aim high than not bother aiming at all (because then you get piss all over the bathroom floor.)”

    And that is precisely why you’re my e-hero :P. I absolutely love It really is quite addicting once you get into it!

  5. Vicky said:

    Lol really? I would never have thought that ;)

    Yeh is really useful, especially your review, it helped me a lot! Thanks again :D

    I use IE and seems fine to me :D The site seems very successful :) Congrats!

  6. Li said:

    Wow, is doing REALLY well – congratulations! You must be so proud of it! :D
    I’ll join over the weekend and try and do a review or two…not sure how successful that will be as I’ve never written a review on a website before. :P

    About the Clarks shoes…I’m keeping my eye out but haven’t seen any I like yet. Probably a good thing as I’ve spent all my wages for this month, need new glasses next month (and MORE Christmas shopping), so maybe in January I’ll get some?

  7. Roxanne said:

    The news spread fast and wild. I’ve actually seen talk about on many sites, that I’ve been going to. It’s pretty cool how fast word-of-mouth travels. Great job! =D

  8. Dee said:

    Yeah, those Firefox stats are pretty similar to what I’ve been getting; Last time I looked the “Other Browsers” metric on Analytics (which is everything that’s not IE or FF; mostly Safari and Chrome) runs pretty close to or over the IE one.

    I’m pretty sure it’s got more to do with my visitors than any wider factors, but it’s nice all the same. :)

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