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Family Fuss and Fur

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On Friday (3rd) my sister was taken in to hospital with suspected appendicitis. After 2 days of poking and prodding at the local hospital, it was decided she didn’t have appendicitis. She was taken by ambulance to another hospital, where she had keyhole surgery on Sunday morning. I’ll spare you the gory details — for her benefit, not yours — but suffice to say I spent most of the weekend running backwards and forwards to the phone to get as many updates as possible. It’s not every weekend your little sister is operated on :S I went to see her on Monday evening and she came home yesterday under strict orders of bed rest (from me!)

Yesterday, Fudge went in to be neutered and microchipped. From what I can tell, he spent most of the morning flirting with the vet nurses because they were all cooing over him as we left. Anyway… we took him home and he wouldn’t stop licking his noodles (which can cause infection) so had to dash to my mother’s to pick up her spare lampshade collar. Poor Fudge spent most of last night trying to figure out how to manoeuvre his weary body — complete with collar — around the back bedroom.

I know that neutered males are said to be more affectionate than their un-neutered counterparts, but I have no idea how quickly this is supposed to take effect (for lack of a better word). I’m sure it was a while after being chopped that Hex got all lazy and friendly on us. Since we brought Fudge home though, he’s done nothing but purr and rub himself up against us demanding affection and attention. I’m going to put it down to him feeling a bit sorry for himself for now.

Anyway, as we all know that you guys only ever come here to view the pictures, ye shall not be disappointed (hopefully)…

Fudge in Karl's lap

Hex on Fudge

An update on the two piggies coming soon, I imagine…

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34 comments so far

  1. Ann said:

    When my friend had her cat neutered, she came into her kitchen later that day and found him with his bottom lowered into his bowl of water, legs splayed :D
    Anyway, do we get pics of the rest of the family? How about the plants..? :p

  2. Alyssa said:

    Jeez, I hope your sister is okay. Even though I say I hate my sisters most of the time, if that happened to me, I’d have extremely sleepless nights.

    Your kitties are so cute. Fudge is so big now. :O I’m looking even more forward to the piggie updates. Guinea pigs are my favourite animal. :D

  3. Carly said:

    awww meow! Poor sis – I hope she is ok! On Sat I was in pain and sick and I nearly weant to hospital with suspected appendicitus and then I was sick everywhere and eventually the pain went. Lovely!

    My dog had his balls lobbed off and he was running around and playing three hours later not even bothered… typical!

  4. Christina said:

    Oh, that’s terrible about your sister! I hope everything’s okay with her. (And on a really unimportant note, I think you meant the 3rd, as the 10th hasn’t happened yet.)

    I remember when my cats got spayed. We laughed a lot at their expense. It can’t be helped — it’s hilarious to watch them try to figure out what’s going on. We ended up taking the collars off after two days because my friends would come over and make fun of them. My mom took personal offense.

    And, wow. Fudge got huge! I love the picture of the two of them. So cute. I want them for myself. :)

  5. Aimée said:

    Haha, they’re both so big! They grow so quickly. My pup Dexter just got his nanas chopped off last Friday, so we’re going through the whole “recovery” business… thankfully he wasn’t too interested in his incisions!

  6. Vera said:

    I’m sorry about your sister. Hope she’s feeling better.

    Fudge and Hex are adorable as per usual. Especially in the last picture.

  7. Riitta said:

    All the best and a speedy recovery to your sister :)

    Thanks for the picsy update :) Love the bottom picture, Hex totally owns Fudge’s butt – and looks like he means business, too. And yeah, Fudge is huge! I still had an image of the ickle wee kitty in my head.

  8. Mumblies said:

    Fortunately little sis is indeed back home and nicely on the mend, and if her demands for Pot Noodles are anything to go by…all better now.
    Lovely piccy of the boys there Jem, I especially liked the ‘Me sit on you’ pic at the bottom :o)

  9. Chans said:

    I hope your sister is getting better!

    Poor Fudge feeling sorry for himself. Hopefully he feels a little better after a few days. And of course that it doesn’t get infected.

  10. Tanya said:

    I’m sorry to hear about your sister, Jem. I hope she’s making a very speedy recovery.

    Fudge seems to have done a lot of growing since the last picture you posted, but it’s obvious that Hex is still in charge. :) What are they sitting in? Is it a cat bed hanging off a radiator? I want one!

  11. Melissa said:

    So glad your sister is ok, it’s horrible knowing that somebody in your family is sick or in hospital :(

    And the kitties? So cute! The last pic is so sweet.

  12. Caz said:

    Aww, your kitties are so cute! :3 The black one looks just like mine…is that a white/grey patch of fur on his chest? If so, my cat has that too. I’m not quite sure where it came from- it just seemed to appear one day, lol. Fudge was probably being so affectionate because he missed you- that’s how my cats were. ^_^

    And I hope your sister gets better soon! < 3

  13. Aaron said:

    I do hope your sister heals quickly. It can be scary when something so sudden like that happens.

    Our males cats were always affectionate before their neutering, so afterwards there was really no change. Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true. We have a couple of cats that are really scared of just about everything, and they kind of stayed that way after being neutered.

    Fudge looks so proper with his paws crossed in that first picture. :)

  14. Yesenia said:

    Aw, sorry about your sister, I hope she gets better soon. ^_^

    Wow, Fudge has gotten so big! I love the second picture with Hex “relaxing” on him! XD Haha, so cute!

  15. Jessica said:

    Today I found out my brother is in hospital with a broken collarbone and waits for an operation. I can pretty good imagine in what a situation you are! I really hope your sister gets better soon. :)

    Onto happier thoughts, I love your cats! Both Hex and Fudge are very pretty guys. :D

  16. Courtney said:

    I’m very glad that your sister is okay and on the mend.

    Your cats are so very very cute. I think you should get more of them. Like five more. Yeah? ;)

  17. Hev said:

    I hope your sister is feeling better.

    Yay! more pics for my Jem photo book. I hope that is all right with you. I can’t believe how much he has grown. He is as big as Hex now. I love it. I am so glad that he wasn’t stunted. Speedy recovery also to him.

  18. Hanna said:

    Sweet cats ^_^. You know that this is why I love jemjabella. CATS!!!! Second picture especiallt is absolutely adorable.

    I hope your sister (and Fudge) will be fine.

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