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Bloody Akismet

 |  Interwebs

You know how I mentioned that I was being spammed by link-droppers on dofollow posts? Well, this was despite running Akismet. It turns out, that on top of *not* picking up the blatant link-dropping, it was falsely listing some of my long-time readers as spam! Fook knows how long that’s been going on, I never usually check my Akismet queue.

I wonder if I can convert my old score based spam prevention into a WordPress plugin. If nothing else it’ll give me a hands-on look at actually creating a proper plugin. (This is the part where you guys tell me where to start…)

Update: I’ve disabled Akismet and I’m trying out Spam Karma 2 instead. I liked Spam Karma even less! Please let me know if you see any errors, or have any problems commenting.

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25 comments so far

  1. Rachael said:

    Start at the beginning!

    As for akismet? Pfft… it’s a scam. I had little spam but heard about this “amazing” spam-blocking thingy. Now I get loads of spam. However, akismet catches it all. Isn’t that just amazing?

  2. Robbie said:

    It would most likely be easy to make a WP plugin. I don’t know where to start, unfortunately.

    I’ve had a few spam pingbacks, and I don’t even get any real traffic.

  3. Vera said:

    I was just thinking of installing akismet, but I guess it might not be a good idea. Let me know what you’ll do, as I’m getting tired of spam as well. Not a lot, but enough.

  4. Jem said:

    Perhaps you could use Spam Karma 2. I’ve used it before and it has this scoring system that you’re talking about.

    Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll look into it, thanks Enzo.

  5. Teesee said:

    Don’t be distracted from creating your own plugin… I know you want to do it ;)

    I’ve just started looking at the Facebook development tools… pretty nifty. Spent all day playing with them at work. My work has nothing to do with Facebook, but that’s not the point.

  6. Jem said:

    Did you get it the second time as well Teesee?

    Akismet isn’t good enough, Spam Karma 2 seems over-vigorous. Oh noes, I’ll have to think about writing my own plugin :p

  7. SarahG said:

    WP Plugins are easy for the front end, sometimes a little tricker on the backend. Your best option would be to dissect an existing plugin that does similar to what you want (ie. akismet or spam karma in this instance) and see what hooks it uses, as in this case it would need a hook to filter the comment through to your code.

    The options page (if you’d need one) is pretty easy to do though. Give me a shout if you go ahead with it and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction :)

  8. Melissa said:

    I don’t have Askimet installed and get hardly any spam. Before (when it was installed) I got around 30 spam comments per day…

    Your scoring system sounds good, hope you end up writing that plugin.

  9. barbilee said:

    I have been spmed too up the ass from dumb pills to drama :( its liek never ending is it ture that if you make it as spam 3 times in anyones worpress it will be marked as spam for everyone?

    and i was thinkign of installign abotu 3 diff ones

  10. Peter Green said:

    I have always used Akismet and have been amazed at how good it is!
    I find this all rather confusing?
    I have all (ha ha, there’s not many) comments come through moderation and all spam comments have been caught by Akismet for several years now.

  11. Maria said:

    Well, I know you’re not too fond of CAPTCHAs, but perhaps it might be worth considering? Or you could just keep Akismet and say that if some can’t go through, then to send you the comment?

    I have heard good things about Bad Behavior though. It could be work a try.

  12. Noellium said:

    I don’t have any problems with Akismet either. I think there was only one time where an authentic comment was labeled as spam, but that was it. And it seems to be pretty good at catching actual spam. :/

  13. Jem said:

    Well, just to give you guys a clue as to how troublesome it’s being – over half of the comments on this post alone were caught in the Akismet queue.

  14. Melissa said:

    What do you think about this plugin:

    I’ve been thinking about using that with WP just to try to stop spam all together. The only thing that’s questionable is that it won’t let people who have JavaScript or cookies disabled to post a comment unless they turn it back on. The plugin description says that the benefits outweigh that inconvenience though.

    Would be cool if you wrote a plugin, you know I’d test it! :)

  15. Melissa said:

    Omg! I think I was just blocked as spam! *cries* Curse you Akismet!!!! It’s weird…I’ve also lately been blocked on Cristina’s and Sofia’s websites as well. Think Akismet is revenging itself?! O.o

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