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A Social… Life? What’s that?

 |  Parenting, Personal

Aha, I did something a little strange last night. I “went out”. It’s a funny concept, not one I’m overly familiar with. Local blogger Stuart, aka ‘wonkotsane’ — an old school friend of Karl’s — invited Karl and I out for a drink to celebrate his lovely wife’s birthday.

Despite a) not being a drinker and b) not having had anything to eat since Thursday, I was surprised that I managed to drink 5 bottles of WKD and still stand. In fact, I was relatively sober. Yes, I know, WKD is effectively flavoured water, but it’s been a long time since I’ve managed to knock back whisky and live to tell the tale so I stuck to something a little more sensible :P

Now all I’ve got to do is apologise to all those I may have inadvertently embarrassed by “dancing” (standing in a spot shaking from side to side… somewhat similar to an epileptic fit I imagine) and work up the courage to show my face in public again. Oh, and eat, that’s pretty bloody high on my priority list too. A big fat lamb steak, with potatoes and carrots with garlic butter should just above cover it. Nom nom nom.

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  1. Katy said:

    WKD is artificial flavours, colourings and sweeteners in liquid form. yeeeeuuck.
    I didn’t think anyone over the legal drinking age went near that stuff :P

  2. Jabed said:

    Social life, what is the meaning of this new word you speak of? :S
    I only eat halal food but the description of that meal sounds good enough for them M&S food adverts. Nom nom nom, indeed :)

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