Walking Malarkey

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So, as the doctor prescribed I’ve been taking a brisk walk every day. Except, I have a confession… I’ve discovered that I am that bloody unfit that I am struggling to keep it brisk for over 5 minutes, let alone 15. I can only try and guess at how the hell I used to do my running in school!

I hereby declare war on exercise!

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  1. Li said:

    Heh, I’m worse than that; I have days where getting up and down the stairs leaves me breathless. :( I’ll join you in your war! ;)

  2. MarMARmar said:

    I run up the stairs and am out of breath, and yet I could jog all day. I dont understand, I’m in fine shape. Sore muscles though, are definately not worth it.

  3. Rhiannon said:

    Amanda, as usual, is 100% right. I feel your pain – I can’t even make it up a flight of stairs these days! I’ll huff and puff like the big bad wolf, I’ll faux collapse as a means of gaining sympathy, I’ll…I’ll…shut up now. (Btw – naturally, I’m loving the pink/purple style override!)

  4. Aaron said:

    I’ll join that army! I’m actually a very fast walker, but the hallways at school are so cramped with people there is no room to walk fast. Then after school, I’m too tired to do any excercise, so I sit at home and eat.

  5. Jordie said:

    It gets easier, I promise! Don’t give up! When I started going out to run I thought I’d die after 20 minutes of walking, now I’m running/jogging. Keep it up. :)

  6. Amber said:

    You’ll get there! My mother used to be exactly the same and now she’s burning off 900 calories four times a week at the gym. It’s amazing the way how quickly your body adapts. If you’re anything like me though, you’re in for a lot of pain (I’ve discovered muscles that I swear I’ve never had/used before! I want to know where they come from and why they are hell bent on causing me so much pain).

  7. Jessica said:

    I think you will have most the world on your side at that war, me included. I was able to walk about 10 mins no problem till I got burnt to a fine crisp. And all the doctor could do was laugh at me.

  8. Hayley said:

    Let’s hope you win this one then! I know exactly what you mean, I didn’t realise how unfit I was since leaving school until I tried to do a fun run. Damn thing nearly killed me. I’m not near motivated enough to sort it out, but I’ve bought exercise DVDs in the hope that I’ll actually watch them since there ain’t no way I’m exercising in public till I’m a bit fitter.

  9. Karl said:

    You should get a paper round, like I have. That would soon get you in shape. 6 am every morning. Fun for the whole family!

  10. Vera said:

    My colleagues (at work… yeah I’m showing off after my first day of work :P ) go swimming before coming to work (from 7 am…). Maybe that’ll be more to your taste.

  11. Vera said:

    sorry for the double post, I just noticed the style over rider :P (from Rhiannon’s comment ). I love the purple/pink one. The orange/black one is not bad either, but I read that black backgrounds are not a good choice for websites (they reflect the objects in the room).

  12. Sarah said:

    Just think, if you lose weight, you might be able to lose those knockers and look like a proper old English lady! (Proper being the way my mind pictures old English ladies, even though you’re not old.) You can only be fat if you’re an old Italian woman! Then you can make pastries and pasta all day and yell at the kids. *would love to be a fat Italian grandmother*

  13. Rhys said:

    I disagree. I am unfit, and yesterday I played football for around 80 minutes. Although I began sucking wind heavily at around 20 minutes, I kept going. My team mate (who was a doctor) say that although you’re breathing heavily, at a young age it’s good, as everything is still working as it should. Keep it up, it gets easier everytime!

  14. Frosty said:

    I’d have to agree– I did track this year and even though I was a thrower (yay for being the fatasses on the team! :P), we had to do the standard two-lap-around-the-track warmup (only 800 meters), and yet every damn time we did it, it didn’t get any easier… So much for exercise making you fitter…