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Revisiting Alexa

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A week ago I blogged about Manipulating Alexa. At the time I called any gain in rank “fake”, but since then I’ve considered whether my statement was logical. Considering that the majority of you — if you’re anything like me — are likely to visit your site at least once daily anyway, surely this is not a manipulation of the figures but rather.. evening things up? The fact that we installed a toolbar is irrelevant; Alexa is supposed to show a representation of your traffic and as long as you didn’t increase the amount of times you visited your own site, you are just a part of that traffic.

Anyway, complex justification for number juggling aside, I’m sure most of you are more interested in the results rather than my waffling. Here is a small table, especially composed for your viewing pleasure (bear in mind that a lower number means a better rank):

Site Rank (Before) Rank (After) Gained Places 1,117,130 1,022,324 94,806 1,460,239 1,033,985 426,254 336,756 353,915 -17,159 2,789,061 2,440,688 348,373 341,341 354,389 -13,048 669,142 569,588 99,554 379,907 329,530 50,337 434,083 418,673 15,410 5,885,510 4,109,102 1,776,408 2,450,729 735,567 1,715,162

So, what can we deduce from this? Well, firstly it’s obvious that those with a very low (numerically high) original rank gain places much more easily than those with a high (numerically low) rank (either that, or some of you browse your own website far too much). Secondly, this is not necessarily foolproof — two people dropped in rank a small amount (although the reasons for this may be many and varied). Thirdly, it worked! Woohoo.

No reason to stop now, of course. If your rank should be higher, no harm in giving it a helping hand.

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14 comments so far

  1. Jordan said:

    My URL has a lovely www in front of it. After debating whether or not to include it, I said to hell with it, and now I embrace WWW more then my boyfriend.. Or not, but hey. Anyway, I’ve got a little goal to drop down about another 100,000 and to see how long it will take to get there. :P

  2. Jordan said:

    Word to that, but I suppose it’s just from reading a bit too many articles on whether to have it or not. Though I never actually tested to see if keeping the WWW actually made a difference with anything. *shrugs*

  3. Jem said:

    @Jordan: well, I told Google Tools to give preference to tutorialtastic without the www. and it dropped hundreds of pages from its index, and stopped crawling it! I reversed the preference in the ticked box and it’s been crawled again. I’ve no idea why this happened but it’s convinced me to go with the flow…

  4. Amelie said:

    I don’t care about SEO between or just, I just hate how the www looks in front of my domain… I think it just makes it look too long and ugly. Besides, I thought the www “subdomain” was deprecated these days? Meh. Still, I don’t like it for my domains. I do like it for my brother’s domain though, dunno why. :|

  5. Jordan said:

    Amelie, I’ve read articles arguing both sides. One claims it’s deprecated while the other says it’s not. Who knows what the exact case is. I guess we’ll have to resort to to tell us what the real answer is. I just hope it’s not “42.”

  6. Shari said:

    Ever heard of the Alexa Redirect Train? Everybody’s been doing it, saying that it increases their Alexa rank. I care? =/ One day I decided to do away with the www on my current domain, and it suffered from massive Google butt-kicking when I changed my preference from both to the one with no www prefix. Took a couple of months for it to get back on track. It’s really just a matter of personal preference, methinks.

  7. Chans said:

    I completely forgot to check my old stats and participate in this little test. But what I can gather from the results; it worked.

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