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tutorialtastic logoRecently I had Jacky come with up with an actual logo for tutorialtastic. Something that I could work with, create a new layout around and generally identify my long-neglected tutorial site.

The only problem is, while the logo is fab and exactly what I wanted, I am constantly worried about how easy it is to get to tutorialtastic. It’s an uphill struggle for me to be able to spell it correctly most days, and I know the domain inside-out. So, I could end up integrating nifty features and requested tutorials but half of the prospective users aren’t going to be able to find them.

I’m appealing to you guys to give me some ideas. Do I create a new name which fits with the logo and give it a big overhaul, new domain name, etc.. or do I stick with what I’ve got and just encourage people to remember how to spell it? (How do I even do that?) I could create a redirect domain but I don’t have a clue what I could use that would be short, easier to remember and not already taken.


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  1. Vasili said:

    Hmmm, I couldn’t remember it, when I was first going to it. But since I go there like over other day I have it as like the 7th thing in my history. But it is a little hard to remember. I still love it to death though XD

  2. Jacky said:

    I think you should stick with the domain you have, as you’ve already built a reputation with it and it’s sort of iconic. Changing it now would just cause confusion, link breaks, rioting, etc. ;) I feel the name “tutorialtastic” is obviously still relevant (as in, the site’s purpose hasn’t changed), original and it just sounds good. It’s not really THAT hard to spell, its pretty straight forward (tutorial + tastic). If anything, you could register… because for some reason, I found the people I refer (by word of mouth) have problems with THAT of all thing.

  3. Mackenzie said:

    Encourage people to bookmark it! I’m aware how to spell it, but really, is pixelfx any harder to remember? used to be nearly impossible for me to type, but I’ve come here so often it’s simple now. (: If anyone really wanted to go to tutorialtastic they’d go to google and search for their horridly spelt version (which would show up, because you’re, naturally, amazing at SEO, too)

  4. Jacky said:

    That’s true, Mackenzie. Haha! I had more problems with Jemjabella than with Tutorialtastic. In fact, if I’m tired, I will still spell Jemjabella wrong… And that doesn’t stop you from getting hits, does it Jem? ;)

  5. Tom said:

    Like others have said, I think you should stay with Tutorialtastic. You’ve built a good reputation. Admittedly, when I first started visiting Tutorialtastic, I couldn’t remember the name. That’s not a problem now though.

  6. Hannah said:

    The logo looks great! Tutorialtastic isn’t that hard to type for me, but then I’ve visited it tons of times. I’m glad you’re going to start working on it more- I love your tutorials!

  7. Annie said:

    Cool logo. Like others have said you should keep the name. I’ve personally not had a problem with the spelling. Visitors could always bookmark your site/certain pages anyway. I’ve not got any ideas on what short names you could alternatively use with relation to the logo. Maybe you could even get a domain with the abbreviated version of Tutorialtastic.

  8. Rachael said:

    tutorialtastic isn’t a problem for me to spell… It’s unique and not easily confused with other things *cough* clam banana *cough* The logo’s a bit sexy. Jacky is most talented.

  9. Belinda said:

    Just stick with it! I have no problems with remembering the words, all it requires is saying it out loud to yourself once then it’s catchy enough to stay in one’s head.

  10. Phil said:

    Stick with the name and domain! It’s a good name! Plus, once someone has spelt it wrong, won’t they try to search? And I’m sure that Tutorialtastic comes up somewhere in the results for most misspellings, if you don’t get Google saying “Are you sure you didn’t mean tutorialtastic?”. I like the logo too, by the way. It’s lovely on it’s own and something useful to work with. I look forward to a new design.

  11. Jordan said:

    Albeit the domain name is a bit of a .. “finger twister” but I don’t think you should change the brand to append to people’s spelling errors. People have come to know that Tutorialtastic, is *their* tutorialtastic. I love the name, and I don’t think anything else would work out..

  12. Alyssa said:

    At first, I couldn’t really remember how to spell the name “tutorialtastic” only because I rushed myself and didn’t look at it carefully enough. It’s really…”tutorial” and “-tastic” put together. XD I say keep the name. I agree with Mackenzie. Encourage more bookmarking!

  13. Kaylee said:

    The logo looks great, and I don’t have any problem spelling Tutorialtastic. I think a shorter redirect domain would be easier for some people, but don’t change the site name!

  14. Daniel said:

    I love the logo. I say stick with the name as well. There’s no point in doing redirects, and other stuff or a new domain name due to the fact that you lost visits, loss of reputation, not many people like redirections, etc.

  15. Carly said:

    Stick with the name, but in the redesign do ‘tutorial’ in one colour and ‘tastic’ in another and then with the word seemingly split up when u look at it, it might be easier to remember. I like the logo, except I don’t like the blue dot on the pink circle, just kinda clashes and looks strange to my eyes. Plus I bet the people that need to get to your site do so by googling for tutorials or go through their bookmarks, eradicating the need for spelling full stop.

  16. Shannon said:

    The name is a bit hard to type. But I still like it. However, I’d think that if you want the fly-by visitors to remember it, it’d be best to change it. Or else, be so interesting on the front page that people would bookmark it right away.

  17. Hev said:

    Jem, honestly I think you should keep tutorialtastic with the name that it is. I would be afraid that if you changed it then to many people would get lost trying to find it. Personally, I have tutorialtastic in my link bar at the top of Firefox cause I normally visit it every other day cause I use your templates. I imagine your normal visitors either have bookmarked the site or new visitors will bookmark once they see how well the tutorials are.

  18. Jamie said:

    I have a bit of trouble spelling it now and again but I always figure it out. If all else fails, I come here and find the link instead of wasting my time (especially when I’m tired) trying to spell it correctly. Side note: I don’t really like the logo for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s the colors of what but I just don’t like it. No offense to Jacky because she does amazing work but I just don’t like it!

  19. Bobbi-lee said:

    OK, so common spelling mistakes include tutorialistic, tutorialastic and tutorialstic. I know how to spell tutorial and tastic, but even I when typing in a rush write tutorial like “tutoral” so maybe tutoraltastic as a redirect domain (but then again it could be only me who can’t type properly) I don’t think you should change the name or the branding at all- tutorialtastic has built a good reputation and I think it is easy to remember as long as you can spell.

  20. Justin said:

    You can always set up the redirect domain name and ask people to bookmark your site. But, you can’t change the name. Once you’ve built a little reputation, doing so will probably lose many viewers.

  21. Jack said:

    I agree, the amount of time put into the current name makes it difficult to rebrand. I also don’t know what you’d shorten it to… tutastic? XD

  22. Tanya said:

    I’d stick with the status quo – tutorialtastic is well known, plus as many others have already pointed out, most people use some kind of bookmarking tool these days. I can’t remember ever having to type the address, I always visit through my delicious account list.

  23. Paddy said:

    Oh, see I was going to suggest to register a new one – but everyone said to keep it so now I feel like an utter twat! But if you have a spare $8 lying around, you could always register a new one and just have tutorialtastic redirected to the new domain so that the reputation stays good and associated as your creation??

  24. Yika said:

    I’ll be honest with you. I’m the kind of person who skims through reading. I always thought it was tutorialistic. I just correctly read it now. I’m so ashamed!

  25. Kristin said:

    I’ve never had a problem remembering tutorialtastic.. It’s the part that always throws me off a bit. But all I have to do is think about it and then it pops back into my head.. I think you should keep it and just encourage people to bookmark it or something. :)

  26. Mumblies said:

    Meh! How about TuTastic? Still don’t care for this new layout (flippin’ polkadots do me head in) Love the ninja though…..Should have a ‘J ‘on the forehead methinks.

  27. Julia said:

    Also something that should be considered: there will be plenty of incoming links to tutorialtastic that will not require the visitor to type the domain out at all.

  28. Rilla said:

    I like the name and I think it’s good to stick with it except… I haven’t been able to remember how to get there other than from Jemjabella. Because I also think tutorialastic seems easier to say. :P But the logo looks too sweet.

  29. Annie said:

    Haha I used to have the hardest time remembering how to spell tutorialtastic and jemjabella. I would end up searching for something like “Jemella” on google to try to find your site again. But I think you should keep it as Tutorialtastic because changing it would be confusing, and people who can’t remember how to spell it will usually google for it (mispelled) and find it :)

  30. Mari said:

    Ha, it’s not really a problem for me because my address bar is the kind where it remember all the sites I visit frequently and when I type in the first few letters it brings me a whole drop down menu of options. So basically, I’m really lazy and never actually type in names of sites.

  31. Asia said:

    I always misspell it as tutorialistic. Seriously, until I read this, I had no idea that this was the right spelling. That explains why I always have to come to this site to get to it. In spite of this common error, however, as everyone else has already said, you should probably leave it as is. And I have probably not said anything you didn’t already read. Yep. I will quite being useless now.

  32. Dicle said:

    You should encourage people to add it to their favorites. And it isn’t hard for me to spell “tutorialtastic” although spelling isn’t my best thing. =) You may have a slogan containing the word “fantastic” so that people will remember to combine “tutorial” and “fantastic” to get the name.