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I Bee Appreciated

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I’ve been feeling a bit rough today, what with a possible cold slowly approaching and the knowledge that I have far too much on — ‘socially’; that’s before I take into consideration what I have to do for work — and no motivation to do to it, so imagine how cheerful it made me when I logged in to the q*bee forum and saw my very own Queen Bee Appreciation Quilt.

I know some of you think the q*bee is all a load of nonsense really, but the members there are some of the sweetest people I’ve come across on the Internet. It’s the only place I can go where I can discuss websites and how hard boiled eggs cause you to fart: all on the same day.

I can’t say thank you enough, to all of you… the little geeky patches, wonderfully sweet notes, cute little representations of me (Arien got me spot on, ‘cept my bum is a bit bigger, hehe) ..everything, it’s all amazing. It was a wonderful surprise and has really made my day. Thank you :)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

25 comments so far

  1. Arien said:

    Every woman needs her day of recognition for all the hard work she puts in for the sake of herself and others. Even Queenbees, ;) I’m so glad you are our Queenbee at The Q*Bee!

  2. Ashley said:

    I’m glad we cheered you up and…. It’s the only place I can go where I can discuss websites and how hard boiled eggs cause you to fart: all on the same day. Oh Jem, you said it perfectly. Who knew such a paradise existed? ;)

  3. Jessica said:

    Should I be ashamed that I started it about hard boiled egg farts or should I be proud that it made such an impression for you to even mention it? I think I feel both. :D I will be adding to this little quilt of yours as soon as I get time. Nothing ever stops long enough for me to concentrate on it.

  4. Emily said:

    You deserve it! I think the q*bee and their members are fantastic, and I especially love that they organise things like this. Boiled eggs make you fart? Maybe I’m just lucky. The worst thing for that is definitely baked beans, but I guess that was already covered way back yonder in 2006. ;) Hah, I forgot to put the .com bit of my e-mail address and I say thank you, thank you, thank you for the coding that allows me to copy and paste my comment for when I need a do-over.

  5. Bex said:

    Eeeeeee, I see my gift! I’m glad you liked it. It was a great idea of Arien to do it for you. Btw, I was in Telford a couple of weeks ago. I was shouting for you but you didn’t answer :'(

  6. Amy said:

    I’m so glad you loved the Queen Bee Appreciation Quilt. We bees really are grateful for all the hard work that you put in. We would not be the same without your hard work. I really am glad to have joined the Qbee. You guys are all great!

  7. Hillarie said:

    Yes, we’ve gone over this: everybody loves you…even your new best friend (Swimchick). PHP ninjas are just…cool! I’m still too lazy to join the q*bee, but I will…eventually.

  8. Josh(ua/y) said:

    I’m thinking of joining the Q’bee – but of course I’ll need to pull up my socks and put my personal site online, I’ve looked through the rules and it seems a car website’d be innappropriate. Seems like a nice battery of members and stuff, so I look forward to bothering to join.

  9. Arien said:

    hey jem, i meant to slice this into my last comment… but just encase someone comes across the web and sees the little dolls… i wanted to throw up a (C) to the basemakers if you don’t mind… the desk doll base was made by and the doll where i made your caboose too pert ;)… base goes to

  10. Hev said:

    Congrats Jem! You are very well liked. Wish I could join the qbee. Tried and no response for two weeks, so that is a no go. Oh well, maybe I will try again.

  11. Kryz said:

    Aww.. Thats really sweet of those people. I think you really deserve those recognization. Anyways, no need to do the tagged thingy and I fixed the comment clicking problem. Haha. :)

  12. Melissa said:

    Who knew such a paradise existed? ;) Hear, hear, Ashley! :D I *heart* the Q*Bee so much for being such a great community! You bust your butt around there hardcore :P. Huzzah again! Jem, you rock my bee socks! :D

  13. Kelly said:

    Wow :) They really do rock your socks. I’ve always wished I could join the Q*Bee, but everytime I try and create a pixel patch I just get stressed because mine look crap compared to some of the beautiful ones in there :P

  14. Mar said:

    My site’s layout isn’t my own sadly so the QBee doesn’t want me. Oh well, it’s just easier to have my blog on But anyways… Everybody loves Jem! :D

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