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DVD Recommendations, etc

 |  Misc, Personal

I’ve finally managed to sign up to one of those online DVD rental things. I kept telling myself I would and not getting round to it (story of my life) so I feel like I achieved something by doing so. Anyway, now that I’ve signed up and have given me a funky 2 week free trial, I can’t for the life of me decide what to rent out.

Memoirs of a Geisha arrived today — I decided I wanted to see it after watching the adverts when it originally came out at the cinema (because I’m too lazy to read books) — and I’ve chosen a few of the Simpsons series DVDs.. otherwise I’m clueless. I’m not really “up” on movies and entertainment, so if you’ve seen something recently that you think I’d enjoy, let me know. I can’t stand Ricky Gervais though, so anything with him in is no-go.

Moving on, I want to make a correction re: my previous post. I am not writing a CMS tutorial (sorry to disappoint), my point was that I need to finish re-writing the tutorialtastic CMS, and the new tutorials I’ve started. Although I hope to add more PHP/MySQL tutorials over time, tackling an entire CMS in a tutorial is too much like hard work — I don’t need that stress right now. My to-do list is growing, not including things I keep forgetting, but at least I’ve managed to finish 4-5 q*bee things :)

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  1. Adastra said:

    This sunday I’ve seen Beowulf & Grendel which I really enjoyed a lot, but that’s just because I’m very much into longhaired rotten medieval warrior guys. Other, more normal stuff I recently enjoyed watching: Stargate (the movie, not that weird show), Equilibrium, Peas at 5:30, As it is in heaven, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, American History X or Inside Man.

  2. Hillarie said:

    Hmm, by most standards I don’t actually watch good movies. Uh, maybe…Titanic? Romeo and Juliet? Catch Me if You Can? Gee, it sounds like I only watch Leonardo DiCaprio movies…

  3. Ashley said:

    I just recently joined Netflix a few weeks ago after reading a post on Melissa’s site. I’m really into gory horror movies, so I don’t know if you’d like my recommendations. :D If I were going to make at least one recommendation, I’d suggest ‘Elizabethtown” because #1. It takes place in Elizabethtown, KY (Go Kentucky!), and #2. Orlando Bloom is in it and he has great hair. Oh! And #3 ALEC BALDWIN is also in it (minor role). Anyway, I just like that movie. Maybe only I like it though. :O

  4. Stephanie said:

    We had Netflix a while ago, and it turned out to be a really good service, except when we couldn’t think of movies we wanted to watch. I wouldn’t add the CMS tutorial if I were you. Most people are more inclined to use an established CMS instead of creating their own.

  5. Meggan said:

    Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Little Miss Sunshine, The Notebook, The Incredibles, Hedwig and the Angry Inch… I could go on and on, but I’m not sure what kind of moves you like to begin with – Horror? Comedy? Sci-fi? I love most Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies and anything by Christopher Guest so I’ll recommend those too. :D

  6. Mar said:

    The Green Mile is absolutely my most favorite movie. It isn’t new but it isn’t really old either. I think It’s originally a novel by Stephen King, but don’t worry, it isn’t really twisted and weird like he’s noted for (nothing like The Shining, Christine, or The Dead Zone, which I’ve read…) It’s just an awesome movie.

  7. Kendra said:

    Memoirs of a Geisha is awesome. The book is much better though. Like all other books to movies, they leave out a lot of stuff in the movie. The book is by far one of my favorites. :D Guess what! Good news, Jemmie. I’ve finally gotten my arse in gear and started working on a new domain. Hurrah.

  8. Mumblies said:

    Lovefilm……….Hmmm where do i start? Films arrive so badly scratched that It’s almost impossible to get them to play? Series you select are never sent in order, They start at series 4 then back to 1 then on to 5 and so forth. Waiting 6 months for them to send a film that they say is available. Long gaps between when you sent your last films back, And your latest choices arrive. Lovefilm supply to Tesco film rental Jem, I have been with them for quite some time and quite frankly wonder why i bothered. However, Tis your choice :o) I cancelled my subscription.

  9. Emily said:

    I’m going to recommend American Psycho, Apocalypse Now, Groundhog Day, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Amelie and The Prestige. I’m awful at remembering movies that I enjoyed off the top off my head. Hopefully you like some of those.

  10. Rachael said:

    Man on Fire. Great film. Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill 1+2 Saw 1, 2+3 Training Day. Monsters Inc. Toy Story. There you go… there’s my suggestions…

  11. Shannon said:

    My favorite movie at the moment is Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m completely obsessed with it. It’s a ‘grown up’ fairytale, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing I’d highly recommend it.

  12. Malin said:

    Oh “lovefilm” I give out their number every other day to people here in Sweden (I work at Swedens biggest number enquiries company), not sure if they are disappointed with them or not ;)

  13. Shaun said:

    Titanic and Little Miss Sunshine are great movies in my opinion. I’ll also take this chance to tell you that the link to BellaBook tutorials on the BellaBook page links to a non-existent page.

  14. Helen said:

    Eugh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loathe lovefilm (oh, the irony). I mean, I will if you wanna hear it, but it’s lengthy and fulleth of the rage.

  15. Helen said:

    *deep breath* Well i’ve had all the same problems that Jo Cowell mentioned a few comments up. I’ve had discs scratched so badly that they skip and jump all over the place, and one that wouldn’t play at all. Sometimes, when I returned discs I wouldn’t receive any new ones for ages. Once, I was told that they definitely hadn’t received the discs i’d returned, despite the fact that my account clearly stated that they had. I actually originally cancelled my account because I couldn’t afford such luxuries as DVDs. I have a few anxiety disorders and don’t use the telephone. So I filled out a customer support form asking if the cancellation could be done online and I was told that would indeed be possible. It was a nice easy process and was done in no time. A month later they took £15 out of my bank account. So I emailed them and they were quite insistent that I hadn’t cancelled my account with them. Cancellations could only be done over the phone. So I called them and spoke to a gentleman who clearly did not have a very good grasp of the English language. The whole thing took far longer than it should’ve because I had to keep repeating myself and/or spelling every little thing because he couldn’t understand what I was saying. Likewise, I found his accent very difficult to follow. Still, I got done in the end and I breathed a sigh of relief that that was the end of it. Only it wasn’t. A month later another £15 was taken out of my account. So then I had to call them AGAIN to cancel it AGAIN, and then, just for good measure, contact my bank and make sure they were unable to take any more money from me. It would seem to have worked that time because all i’ve heard from them since then is a letter telling me they’d welcome me back any time, and also an email with a customer satisfaction survey asking me why i’d chosen to cancel my account. Oh, was that fun to fill out… The thing is, when you cancel your account with lovefilm they don’t actually delete it, they just deactivate it. This means that you can log back in to your account whenever you like to reactivate it again. However, this also means that if someone should ever manage to figure out your password, they can log into your account whenever they like and your credit card details will be right there in front of them. Entering false information doesn’t work. My dad raised all holy hell about that one. The sad thing is that back when they were still ScreenSelect the service wasn’t all that bad. Sure some discs were scratched a little but they played just fine and I only had to wait a few days before a new batch of DVDs arrived. These days you couldn’t pay me to go back to them. That’s months of aggravation and £30 i’m never getting back…

  16. Jo Davis said:

    I had never seen Apocolypse now until last night….. man that is a long film…. and I still dont really know what it was about… I am going to have to weatch it again….. it was teh redux version – how do youpronounce redux? over 3 hours adn I have to watch it again – I am glad it wasnt on pay per view!!!

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