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CSS Naked Day, 07

 |  Interwebs

Cover your eyes if you’re easily corrupted — jemjabella is naked! Just like last naked day, I’m taking part to demonstrate that when stripped of styling is still useable, browseable and most importantly: readable. Such is the benefit of separating visual style from mark-up.

To get involved, visit the CSS Naked Day site over at and sign up. Remove your CSS, and bask in the pure unadulterated glory of website nudity.

(For those of you who don’t understand what CSS is, the point of going nude or what the hell I’m on about when I mention the words “semantics”, “standards”, “mark-up” etc… normality will be restored after April 5th.)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

35 comments so far

  1. Mumblies said:

    ARGH!!! i don’t like it naked……. put it’s clothes back on or no more chicken gravy with mashed potatoes!

  2. Sara said:

    I thought I was going to gag when I saw this! No offense Jem, but you haven’t properly explained why you are going through this ‘naked’ streak. Explanation?

  3. Kenna said:

    I thought about going Naked, but a) it would be rather pointless as no one really knows of my site and b) my eyes hurt when design is missing. xD It’s a nice little idea though, and I support the backbone of the movement. :)

  4. Amber said:

    I was actually quite lazy. I downloaded the plugin instead, which is time set. I signed up, downloaded the plugin, and completely forgot about it until I viewed my naked site this morning. I’m relieved that even after I started tampering with my WP theme it still looks good.

  5. Kelly said:

    Haha – Jem, I got your comment, but my spam filters didn’t like the “you look good naked” part. :P I’ve authorised it now, so I bet I get some funny pr0n comments from now on. :P

  6. Chien Yee said:

    Ooh so many naked sites so far… what’s the world becoming?!!! lol I forgot about it and my site’s still not naked… remind me next year :D

  7. Nan said:

    I was naked as well – of the participants sites that I have come across the owner is saying that their site looks bad without the CSS. I am sure that I have seen sites look worse with than without though :)

  8. Six said:

    Toga… toga… toga… eh, wait a minute… Jem’s got her clothing back on again. Aw, crap! I miss all the good stuff. ;)

  9. Katy said:

    such a shame you don’t have ‘naked’ on your comment spamword list, hehe. that could have been amusing

  10. Carly said:

    Silly old me didn’t read the website properly and got all confused. There was me, running around with no clothes on outside, screaming ‘it’s naked day, it’s naked day’…. The looks I got!!

  11. McKenna said:

    Ha…forgive my dorky-ness, but I posted a comment on your ’06 ‘naked day’ blog instead of on this one, which was my original intent…o.o *ahem* I clicked on the link you provided in this post, to see the other blog…and, uh, yes…I’m sure you can imagine what happened from there. I’ll just pretend that moment of utter space-cadet-edness never happened. ANYWAYS, incredibly brave of you to go without CSS for a whole day! I don’t think I could stand it- I adore CSS and it’s my favorite part about making a new layout…so it would be almost like physical injury if I left it out. xD But I hope you enjoyed your…er…naked day! :D Nice site by the way! I love the organized look of your coding- very professional. Though by reading some of your pages you are a professional, at least in my mind…so that compliment fits you well! I keep sounding stranger as I go on…er, anyways, keep up the great work on the site!

  12. Gemma said:

    Congratulations for getting naked! I missed it this year, partly because I forgot when the actual day came, partly because I’ve been expecting to have my hosting cancelled any day.

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