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Blogging Makes Me Learn

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Rhys posted today about the things that he’s yet to achieve as a blogger, which in turn got me thinking about the things I have achieved as a blogger slash site owner slash developer (why the hell am I typing out “slash”?!) Although getting free t-shirts and reaching a global audience of thousands is pretty awesome stuff, it’s nothing compared to being paid to do my hobby.

Without blogging and the coding/developing that I had to do to make my blog possible, I wouldn’t have learnt what I know and I wouldn’t have my job. Because I have no qualifications or official training in the work I do, it was getting that job that is my biggest achievement and that makes me proud of the time and effort I put in to teaching myself l33t things.

So… because I consider where I am an achievement and privilege, I have decided to start my studies again and intend to get the Certificate in Web Applications Development from the OU. Although I am sure I already know the contents of the courses required it’ll be nice to get a certificate that will prove to the world that I can do what I say I can. (As well as providing me with yet more stuff to fill my time with… I really will need that 25 hour day!)

My thanks go to Claire for unintentionally persuading me to stop just talking about it and actually get off my lazy arse and do it!

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  1. Rhys said:

    I know I got my job largely on the fact that I blogged, plus I got into university as – the head of department said – “At least you’re interested in something, not just those vile video games”. Success and achievement are different for everybody. Whilst I’m looking to make some money doing what I love, you’re not as interested in that side of things. You get the type of traffic most website owners can only dream of, which is probably what you appreciate more. Well done for going for that certificate. I’m sure you’ll be better than everybody else on that course.

  2. Skye said:

    The only problem with that is you’ll lose the “I taught myself” bragging rights. Even though you knew it beforehand, they won’t know that.

  3. Mumblies said:

    Go for it Jem :o) I have always said that if you want something enough and are prepared to do the work to achieve it that your goals will be reached. I have the utmost faith in your abilities and i know you can do this. :o)

  4. Chantelle said:

    I think that it’s amazing that you’ve achieved what you have without taking any classes/having any official training but, being certified is fabulous too. I just hope that the work you do for it doesn’t bore you to tears. =D

  5. Rachael said:

    Go for it. You’ll feel proud once you get the certificate. Of course, you already know that you’re capable of ‘it’, but having the certificate helps show other people that you’re capable of ‘it’. Good luck.

  6. Vera said:

    You know I’m still pretty much in awe that I get around 10 comments on a post that is entirely about me, offline, and without having subscribed to a comment exchange system. As for the certificate: by all means go for it :) My boss suggested a Microsoft certificate to me, however right now I’m so sick of school stuff (senior year all but killed me), that I’ll just wallow around in my current knowledge. As a side note: I’m second in the list of top commenters? Hm… am I addicted to you as well?? Shame on me… anime and Internet should be enough.

  7. Han said:

    The only thing I’ve achieved is having my URL printed in the Metro Newspaper awards! and I couldn’t get a copy BUMS! I Just have this vision of you sitting there saying “done this, done this, your using this method to do this you fr00d” you’ll do damn well in all of it I recon :D

  8. Xuan said:

    I like the sound of that certificate. Surprises abound these days. Should I make a list of what I should achieve? It sounds like a nice pastime. Dinner hour is TOO long. Good luck with that, Jem! :)

  9. Echo said:

    That’s fabulous, Jem! I’m sure you’ll ace the courses, and then you’ll get to put fun letters after your name. ;)

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