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A Recipe

 |  Home & Garden, Personal

1. Take one bottle of white wine
2. Pour generously into large glass
3. Add hilarious show, Mock the Week in this case.
4. Laugh wildly.

Result: woken neighbours and sore ribs from laughing so bloody loud. Alcoholism is a pretty good cure for stress though, I have to say. It’s not like me to drink three-quarters of a bottle of wine, but I like it, in a drunken “oh, shit, I’ve got work in the morning” kind of way.

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  1. Alys said:

    Mock of the Week is such a funny program, I don’t blame you for laughing wildly. However, for the same results I would have to watch Bremner, Bird & Fortune, Have I Got News For You or Dead Ringers :)

  2. Kelly said:

    :) Heh. Mock The Week is AMAZING. I always laugh at the “stand up and say what the prime minister is REALLY thinking” parts. Those crack me up. Alcohol, now and again, is a wonderful cure for stress. :)

  3. Banshee said:

    Well, I’ve never heard of "Mock the Week" (guess that’s what I get for living in Oz), but the rest of it sounds like my ideal Friday/Saturday night :)

  4. Aaron said:

    I prefer wine with supper instead of as a casual drink. Only, of course, because I can’t stand the taste without food. Still, your idea sounds rather fun. I should try it some day… when I’m legally aloud, of course.

  5. Sara said:

    umm… okay? i’m still confused by that entry… and i read it 5min. ago! just kidding! so were you drunk when you wrote that?

  6. Mumblies said:

    The question is………… Did you spill the wine in your keyboard? If not, well done :o) As for the stress…… thats easy, Take Karl, and torment him heheheh

  7. Mumblies said:

    Poor Jem, take it she hasn’t mastered the art of “drink a pint of water before you go to bed to replace the fluids that the alcohol will dehydrate” yet then

  8. Kenna said:

    I have to give you props on that, darling. I’ve never been ballsy enough to drink on the eve of work. I’m always so paranoid I’ll have a hangover… though I never get hangovers. I’m such a square.

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