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spammy emails

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Spam makes me laugh.

A college d1pl0mva can help you get a better job now.

..apparently a college diploma can’t help you to get better at spelling though. Tut tut.


Someone should tell the spammer that some unknown mean person has switched their i and | (sshh Echo!) keys. :p

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

14 comments so far

  1. Romy said:

    Hey! Stop making fun of the college where I got my d3gr33 1n 3ngl1sh! :P Belated Happy Holidays to you and yours. (My resolution was not to be late anymore… guess I’m already behind this year. ;) )

  2. Carly said:

    What? That’s spam???? I got that email and send them thirty-three thousand pounds to get a diploma. I also sent them my house keys through the post, and emailed them my address – alongside declaring that any wages I earn from now on get paid into their bank accounts. Ok… Well – Maybe I went a little overboard there….?

  3. Jordie said:

    …you’re kidding, right? I heard about the uni from Carly and I too sent 33,000 pounds to get a diploma, along with my house keys, my address and a declaration of unobstructed access to my bank accounts. And you’re telling me it’s a scam? 0H n03z!

  4. Amelie said:

    ^ You know, some people (like my grandad) fall for those types of scams… He was all ready to give his bank details to those nigerian spammers a while back, before my dad jumped in to tell him they were just scams XD

  5. Vera said:

    well you never said what college it was talking about. Maybe it was the fOlLoWiNg one… phew! that took a lot to write. Wrote it 10 times slower than usual… how can people prefer that to normal wriitng? I generally delete the e-mails right away though. Don’t even read them.

  6. Carly said:

    I’m sorry Jordie… I only found out that it isn’t a legitimate diploma course through Jem…. Maybe they’ll give us our money back?

  7. Carly said:

    Also, whilst doing a spelling check in google for the word ‘legitimate,’ I got google giving me random dots. Is anybody else’s google showing up in braille today?

  8. Julie said:

    Titles of spam emails are always fun to read – and joke about. I’m getting so many offers for “generic vi agra” I’m starting to have doubts as of my own gender. “vi agra” is blacklisted, which is why I put a space.

  9. Margaret said:

    I got one like it! Subject: get your universty d.iploma online Are you going to let some guy with a d(gree take the promotion you deserve? Not if we can help it They send this to a girl who can only work at places like say, the local grocery store, or some fast food joint. And those people (in charge of hiring) care loads about d)grees, I’m sure. ;)

  10. King Echo said:

    Isn’t that their straight-line key, not the 1? Hmm. Anyway. Clearly they are trying to get through your filters ; ) heh. I haven’t decided yet whether or not you and LM get copies of the wallpaper ; ) Probably I’ll wait til both of you lose interest and then offer it. I won’t be putting it on Echoia for wallpaper download though because I will go apeshit if someone lifts it and puts it in a layout. I will demand that you and everyone else who hates to see the internet they love getting raped help me find as many minions as possible- and these are just the feelings of hate I have at the THOUGHT of it being stolen. I bet you kind of would like to see it get stolen so you can know my full fury, eh? ; )

  11. Anne said:

    HAHA!!! That’s funny! I get all sorts of silly spam in my guestbook. I go through and half read (but delete) them all. I’ve gotten some pretty funny ones!

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