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Referral Logs

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I’ve been keeping an eye on my referral logs since I released BB3.1 so I know who’s using it and so I can keep track of potential bugs or ideas for new features (thinking about BB3.2 already!) So, when I came across a forum earlier and saw the words “I refuse to use Bella Book” — I knew it. I knew that all that anxious-ness was worthwhile. Someone had found a major bug. So, I took a deep breath, continued on along the sentence…

simply because the girl who made it seriously gets on my nerves

Heehee! XD And there was me thinking it was a serious issue. *phew*

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

37 comments so far

  1. Amelie said:

    *Rolls eyes* What an idiot. Does it matter who made the script as long as it works and does the job? It’s not like you’re being paid for it or anything, so what does it matter? Their refusal to use the script is ever so slightly pointless, in my opinion.

  2. Emily said:

    Well, it’s a good thing she doesn’t have problems with people who make other important things in life. She could’ve met the inventor of the toilet and hated the bastard, and then she would be denied the use of the flush toilet. Long drop for you, madam.

  3. Jordie said:

    I can just picture someone refusing to use a flush toilet. Imagine having to explain to friends, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t tell you? I’ve boycotted the modern flushing toilet since birth.” Don’t worry Jem, we still think you’re awesome.

  4. Jamie said:

    Wow some people’s kids… does she honestly think that she’d like or get along with the maker/inventor of EVERYTHING she uses in her life? I think not.

  5. zoey said:

    I love my bellabook :) And you don’t get on my nerves at all. That guy who invented penicilliln, though…what an ass! ;) Good thing they have alternatives these days…whew!

  6. Stephanie said:

    Carly: That’s totally the golden rule of public figures ;) You’re better off saying nothing than something bad because you can bet everyone who doesn’t know Jem will be running over here to get a load of her site.

  7. Julie said:

    lyke bella book sux anyway! :D Maybe she doesn’t want to use it because it would mean linking you and she so much wants to keep everyone from visiting your site when they could be visiting hers.

  8. Ewa said:

    Jem, what about adding new thing to BellaBook? Blocking someone’s email address or URL? ps. I like new layouts very very much… Jem, the simplicity of your layouts is amazing!

  9. Rosemarie said:

    …Just saw your red theme. Didn’t you say you weren’t as fond of it? …I love it! I can kind of understand the person’s logic. I was never into lissaexplains or promoting it because of the ad level and sort of feeling behind the site. Although I guess that’s kind of different XD

  10. Becky said:

    So this thread was dedicated entirely to why this oh so mature individual refused to use BellaBook? I hope that you showed her this post, I’d pay to see the look on her face. I could actually understand her point if it were a bit different. “I won’t use this script because I think the person is an idiot.” (of course that would only apply if you actually were an idiot so…). Or even that she just tried it and didn’t like it. But I suppose if there weren’t people like this I wouldn’t go on the internet as often as I do. What, would that be a good thing?

  11. Penny said:

    Hahaha!! That’s hilarious. I’m loving my BellaBook, even though no one’s signed it yet, hehe!! The customisation was just what I wanted, and I think it looks a bit like an actual (physical) guestbook, which is cool. :)

  12. Jenn said:

    LOL. How… cute. Quaint. Interesting. I’m definitely glad that BB is out – I’m overhauling and plan on implementing it as soon as I’m finished. P.S. Happy belated birthday.

  13. Jem said:

    “So this thread was dedicated entirely to why this oh so mature individual refused to use BellaBook?” ..yes, I know, how mature of me. ;)

  14. Kavitha said:

    Wow – people can be so idiotic sometimes. Maybe we need a way or a scale of sorts to measure idiocy online, the way they measure IQ. I tried Bellabook a long time back – but no one could ever post any entries for some weird reason even though the installation and all that went perfectly. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try this new version. :)

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