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This is partly aimed at Sonya and partly at those who’ve graced my FAQ/contact box with their oh-so-lovely questions and comments analysing my website (and as such, my personality) despite not knowing me at all…

If you’re going to tell me how to run my own website at least have a successful one yourself. I don’t see how someone who probably gets what.. 10 visitors a day(?) can advise me on how to attract new visitors, thanks.

..and that’s before you take into consideration tutorialtastic and review-you. </arrogance>

Completely unrelated: I saw some small buds on the early daffodils of the season this morning. Almost ready for some spring photos me thinks. :)

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  1. Rosemarie said:

    I wonder what happened on Feb 6th that bumped you up into the 900 area. And now you made me go check out your faq page: “Q. How’s the baby? ;) A. Oh yes, almost ready for school now. Of course, I’m expecting twins next you know..” LMAO!!! Who asked that one? :P

  2. Jem said:

    ^ No idea what happened on Feb 6th.. I’m hoping that 900+ is a new trend though ;) I think that question was probably asked by Sarah. We went to college together, only I dropped out in the first year and just before I dropped out I did the pregnancy gag for April Fools. Because I ended up taking what was effectively a gap year before going back to college everyone assumed I really was pregnant. XD

  3. Michael said:

    I don’t even know you, and it’s my first time here… but I do recognize your talent, and your site’s great. Sonya’s just jealous… her site’s probably hideous, and she knew we’d look at it because you mentioned her… so she took it down. “brb. really soon.”

  4. Elisa said:

    I stumbled upon your site about a week ago, and as of yet, haven’t commented. I haven’t been put off of any of your writings or your layout, (although I do like the photography ones better). Although I do understand how one could be put off, I enjoy your writing. Good luck on the 900+! :D

  5. Shannon said:

    Heh. I think you are a very snarky person who has no feelings for a lot of other people. And yet, I keep coming back here every day. Your site is so addicting. Flames are interesting to read and see the unintelligent things in it.

  6. Carly said:

    How stupid, I am fairly new to all this, and the world of Jem, but I appreciate how great you are…. I have been asked to look at people’s source codes to understand why they’re sites arnt displaying properlly and they doctype as XHTML strict – yet line break like this: REALLY? I admire you persistance and talent jem – one reason why I come back so often, Carly x

  7. Shannon said:

    Heh. Another thing, I was bored, and I was searching around. When her site was reviewed by a WPR, she commented saying something like “Oh, I didn’t agree with a lot of the things you say. So-and-so’s displayed that way because it works for me. So-and-so’s coded like that because I like it that way. So-and-so’s written that way because I can, etc.” And she’s all analyzing how your site is displayed. xD!

  8. nimil said:

    when i went to go see HER site, to find out what makes her so damn special, i got a “brb really soon” message :/ poo i hate when people tell you what kinds of things will grab visitors. screw that. i am always getting told that i need content on my page so visitors will come back. well my page is supposed to be a BLOG and therefore…the BLOG should make people come back. not my goofy pixel smiley faces :/ btw, i’m using your guestbook program and i love it :D

  9. Sapphire said:

    Her site reads: “brb. really soon.” Loosely translated (stupid > intelligent) to I am under attack, abandon ship! With any luck, she is balancing above the jaws of a famished shark eager to devour a free lunch.

  10. Topher said:

    I think your website layout is lovely, Jem. Hopefully you can reach that 1000th mark. I was stumbling on neopets which i havent played in 4 years now?, and i was wondering if you still play that site :P But it seems like you dont since your accounts is gone :o

  11. Elea said:

    Perhaps you intimidated Sonya so much with the impressive statistics that she’s had to take a break to recover. ;) Actually, your graphic prompted me to go and look at the ones for my domain, and well…I’ve yet to get visits in the triple digits for a single day in February. I really need to find some time to work on it more…

  12. Elea said:

    Oh and by “it,” I meant the domain, not the hits. And by the way, your site’s been storing my old e-mail and URL for ages even though I type in my in-essence.org one everytime. I’ve cleared the cache a couple times, and yet it still does this. Is there a fix?

  13. Shannon said:

    Though I’m not Jem, I’d say that I think it’s the cookies. There’s a cookie for each of the fields. If your browser lets you edit whatever cookies you want, you can just delete the ones that say [name], [email], or [url] or something of that sort. I forgot. And it’ll be cleared.

  14. Ang said:

    I’d just like to say that I adore your site! I read it all the time and I have it linked to mine. I’m quite impressed with those numbers. I would say I don’t know how you get them that high, except, well, I do! You just rock :)

  15. Vera said:

    *yawns* I reviewed her site a while ago, on YS.nu, and I clearly remember her not having had anyone comment on her posts… jealousy? envy? I envy your flowers… mine are so tiny, pictures that I take are never good for any potential layout.

  16. Melissa said:

    It could be jealousy, hell I’m jealous myself. But Jem is a nice person and her visitors are well earned through all of her hard work and perserverance(spelling?) I like shading, and I like the ‘better than you thing’ because well… Jem is better than me so I get a nice laugh and kick in the ass to amp up my work when I view it. Meh, you have buds already? All we have is zero degree weather and stick trees. I’ll be so happy when spring comes back and I can wiggle my toes in the new grass.

  17. Jess said:

    Ha, ha. The witty and sarcastic name just adds to the humor. Aww, too bad her site is down. I wanted to see what was in it. Spring already? Winter is just getting started here.

  18. McClane said:

    I’m a new visitor here myself so I question the purpose of this post. Is it just to get all your “friends” to bash on Sonya? If that’s the case, then that’s pretty tacky. Went to the entry in question and you did ask for feedback. She’s right: if you’re going to be pissy about feedback that doesn’t please you, then don’t ask for it.

  19. Michelle said:

    *cough* I actually asked the question about the baby. Seems like I’ve known you forever. How long ago was that? Two, three years? I am jealous. You’re already seeing blooming flowers?! It’s five degrees Fahrenheit here. I am definately ready for spring!

  20. Sonya said:

    Same comment as the other entry, in case one chooses not to read the comments for the other entry. I have e-mailed Jem to sort this out. I don’t appreciate others’ comments or assumptions on this topic, especially as the comments have nothing to do with anyone else but Jem. Thank you.

  21. Sonya said:

    BTW: The site has been down for two weeks. It’s being improved, following private feedback and YSNU feedback. And, it’s called Year 12, people. You remember Year 12? Pretty full-on year, you know?

  22. Sonya said:

    Sapphire: Only barbarians wish people dead. And being eaten by a shark? You couldn’t bloody well think of a more aesthetically pleasing death for me? Disappointing. McClane: You got chewed out too, huh? Nimil: I’m not talking about attracting visitors. You seem to have no idea what I was talking about. To All: Jealous? Maybe you are, but I’m not. I’ve got my webmasters/mistresses that I’m jealous of, but I don’t count Jem among them… or any of you, for that matter. Sorry to disappoint.

  23. Rosemarie said:

    The whole situation is kinda weird. Start a little drama by pointing out flaws (In her opinion) on Jem’s site, have Jem defend herself…. Quite mildly and unagressivly, too. And then get quite angry and showing it through comments. I’m confused XD What was the motivation behind drama-starting to begin with?