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No Cake, No Big Deal

 |  Misc, Personal

I can’t believe the amount of people who commented on my lack of cake (in e-mail too). Guys.. it makes you FAT. Wibbly bums and all! I don’t know, maybe it’s an American tradition to eat cake (no American obesity jokes here :p) but it’s just not that big a deal to me. I’ve only had.. uh, one birthday cake in my entire life that I am aware of. I mean, sure, I’ll be getting Karl to buy me some cake anyway, but that’s just because I’m a cake-a-holic with a belly to maintain.

Anyway, um. Oh bollocks, I forgot what this post was going to be about now. It was more important than cake! Never mind, I’m too amused by your cakey obsessions to scrap the post.. so I will just say that I whole-heartidly agree with Carly and think you should make some BellaBook awareness buttons (any size) for me to demand people use. Post ’em here or e-mail them to me. Anyone with enough time on their hands to do so will be thanked with a big chunk of cake. I’m not obsessed with it.

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15 comments so far

  1. Chelsea said:

    That’s unbelievable. You’ve only had a birthday cake once? … *shakes head* You need more birthday cake, Jem! Unfortunately.. us Americans do eat a lot of cake. But wasn’t it England who came up with the concept of making sweeties first? ;) P.S. Thank you for the heads-up on the Jak-Jak thing.. I really apperciated actually getting a helpful comment from someone!

  2. Vera said:

    Only ONCE? That’s really mean. Yeah, it DOES make you fat… but Hey! I only eat one 3-4 times a year (at various b-days). So that’;s allowed. :P

  3. Stephanie said:

    ONE cake? ONE CAKE?! Immoral! You’re supposed to have cake! Sometimes you have MULTIPLE cakes! I had three cakes for three different parties this year because of my rather large family. My goodness, what’s wrong with you Brits anyway ;P

  4. Manon said:

    I don’t like cake. I’ve also found out that both my daughters don’t like it either. I guess we’ll make them a nice lemon meringue pie for their next birthday.

  5. Carly said:

    No, I often don’t make sense. But I spent money (only about a fiver in total) in advertising to get my site noticed by net people. Then my dumbass boyfriend told his housemates my url so they started sending me daft comments and guestbook entries… Plus my ex boyfriend knew the url and was sending me emails and messages saying “you’re an arse and a c**t.” Not things I want other commenters to see. So next time, I shalln’t write my name in meta tags and titles and about me pages, I’ll keep it more anonymous. I like cake ;-)

  6. Rafia said:

    Wow, that’s really weird that you’ve only eated one birthday cake in your entire life. I never realized it was an American thing… Well, I ate cake (a lot) in Canada, as well. It must be a North American thing. By the way, your tutorials were helpful in reminding me how much of an idiot I am when it comes to coding and whatnot. Thanks!

  7. Jem said:

    Rafia: I don’t think it’s really an American thing, it’s just my family has never really been one for buying birthday cakes for some reason. Hmph. Glad you like the tutorials, but I’m sure you’re not an idiot! ;)

  8. Carly said:

    Oh, thanks for the mention :-) – I never noticed it the first time, as I was just replying to your comment on my site, then just HAD to come back! :-D

  9. Jordie said:

    Oh man, I lurve de cake! Well, not really. I just couldn’t resist the “Little Britain” reference. I find that cake makes me feel ill, especially chocolate cake. But I’ve always had a birthday cake on my birthday – my Mum’s Australian/Irish and my Dad’s Dutch, no American in there. They sold really great cakes at this little cheesecake shop near the KFC we frequented.

  10. Anne said:

    ONE cake?? wow. lol Yeah, it DOES make you fat (sadly). My Dad jokes I should just plaster it around my hips if I want to be fatter. lol Problem is, I have ten siblings, so we have 13 birthdays in a year. That’s 13 birthday cakes and 26 cartons if ice cream (we have two cartons of ice cream per birthday). Dad said in the month of January we could eat NO SWEETS. Guess what. I lost 5 pounds already. lol

  11. Margaret said:

    You’re not obssessed with cake? Suuuuuuure. ;) I’m actually not a huge fan of cake… except chocolate/chocolate chip cookie cake, because chocolate is awesome in every which way. :P Carrot cake is good too.

  12. Jess said:

    I’m one-sixteenth or one-eighth American, I think… but I always have cakes. In the plural because Mum always buys two because I have share my party with Emma because she is two years and nine days younger than me. Grr. I don’t even get more cakes in the long run. Cake obsession is healthy. :D I eat it all the time, and I’m as thin as a thin person for no reason. I think I have like a super-duper good metabolism or something. Whoopee. XD

  13. Tiddley said:

    Oh geez now I’m hungry. xD There’s chocolate cake sitting on the table as well. Not allowed to eat it because it’s for tea, but still. TORTURE, I SAY!!

  14. Jessika said:

    The solution is ice cream cakes! This coming from someone allergic to dairy. The frosting can be ice cream too so not as sweet. God I hate the ‘professional’ frosting. I just realized I have to buy a cake for my son next month. Damned the cake fairy!

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