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Hoorah! BellaBook3.1

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As promised, it is now Friday and here I am finally releasing BellaBook3.1.

I must admit, there was a bit of last minute panic. I didn’t think I was going to release it on time because all of a sudden errors that weren’t there before starting appearing — despite not having edited any files. I spent a couple of hours ranting at Amelie only to discoverer it was a case of needing to use “” instead of ” around a preg_match(); pattern. Although it was only affecting one of my patterns. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

So, here we are. Finally. Much-awaited, etc etc. You can find BellaBook information, answered questions and a brief tutorial (will be bettered eventually) on custom guestbook styles on the dedicated BB page, or you can simply download it direct — do be sure to CHMOD the three txt files to 666 though. :)

Please please please send me feedback, errors, bugs, any problems etc. Although I can’t guarantee I’ll reply tomorrow (BIRTHDAY!!) I will get back to you Sunday, or early next week. Yay. Tell all of your friends :)

Edit: minor bug.. I made a typo in the sign.php file. Anyone who has already downloaded the script needs to fix this themselves or download the script again. Find these two lines in sign.php:
$pattern = "/b(' . implode('|', $BadWords) . ')b/i";
$ipcheck = "/b(' . implode('|', $BlockedIPs) . ')b/";

Change them for the following:
$pattern = '/b(' . implode('|', $BadWords) . ')b/i';
$ipcheck = '/b(' . implode('|', $BlockedIPs) . ')b/';

and this:
} else if (!filesize("badwords.txt") == 0 && preg_match($pattern, $name) || preg_match($pattern, $email) || preg_match($pattern, $url) || preg_match($pattern, $comments)) {
for this:
} else if ((!filesize("badwords.txt") == 0) && (preg_match($pattern, $name) || preg_match($pattern, $email) || preg_match($pattern, $url) || preg_match($pattern, $comments))) {

Let me know if you have any problems.

Edit: Now with gravatar and smilies support courtesy of Bubs :)

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

30 comments so far

  1. Amelie said:

    EEK! I forgot it was your birthday! But hey it’s midnight so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *Throws mini party* Big two oh, huh? Trust me, it’s not that exciting… it’s all downhill from now! :P Hope you have a good day and that people get you want you want. ;)

  2. Shannon said:

    Hi (._.). Downloading BB right now. I’ve been waiting forever to see it. My ugly knowledge of PHP is much too limited to ever code my own guestbook. Download’s done! -opens zipped folder now-

  3. Vixx said:

    Happy Birthday, sweetheart! (I’d put into my Rainlendar to remind me!) Have a lovely day – and congrats on the release of BB! :) *hugs* V xx

  4. Carly said:

    happy birthday to youuuuu! hope you’ve had a great day today – we all expect you to post about your fun filled day and make us green-eyed with details about pressies and cakes! Carly x

  5. Amber said:

    Happy Birthday Jem! I hope you have a great day and get everything you want. I’ve downloaded the script and customized it, it’s all up and running and it looks great :). Thanks!

  6. Elea said:

    Happy 20th birthday, Jem! I hope you’re spending it well. =) And ooh, Bellabook 3.1…spiffy…might consider putting back a guestbook on the site…

  7. Michelle said:

    Happy birthday, Jem! Twenty, eh? You’re getting OLD! ;) I’ll download and use Bellabook eventually. I’ve been looking forward to the release of 3.1. :)

  8. Lynn said:


  9. Carly said:

    ATTENTION JEM! Hello there! My next door neighbour at home has decided to quit his day job and become a web designer. Erm.. ok. So I checked out his website, to be plauged by something I would describe as: ‘not very good.’ He has writern his website, and indeed his paid work website for the local pub in html transitional 4.0 with dodgy iframes and style sheets that are on the week side. Aside from the highly distracting and the moderate-to-average flash player images scrolling across the page, the whole website appears to be copy and pasted from geocities or something. Anyhow – why is the relevent to you, I hear you cry? Because I was wondering, if you had a little spare time you would perhaps take a look at it, and give me your honest opinion? Why – because if Jem hates it, I know it’s bad and if it’s bad I will feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (I hate my neighbours.) I understand if you’re too busy though or if you just don’t want to!

  10. Carly said:

    also, not that this is at all relevent, maybe to premote ‘awareness’ of bellabook we should all make some lovely ‘codes’ ( or erm 88 x 30 buttons) to display on our blogs so people can come and eat Jem’s bandwidth and use her guestbook.

  11. Romy said:

    I totally missed the birthday comment when I first read this entry, so that’s why I’m so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday. Hope it rocked! :)

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