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Fake Comments

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I just found this Haloscan page in my referrer logs which ontains a comment from “me” (my name and website url) — regarding somebody closing their website — posted at 7:05 this morning. For those not wanting to click the link, it says:

Is this because Petshopgirl has a no right click script so you can’t copy anymore?

At 7:05am I was asleep. The alarm hadn’t gone off yet and I’m sure I was probably enjoying a kinky dream or something along those lines.. I don’t know a Petshopgirl (although I think it’s referring to the owner of the review site that asked to affiliate with RY and I said no). Furthermore, any idiot (i.e. me) knows that a no right-click script doesn’t stop anyone from copying anything.

I’m just mentioning this so anyone else getting ‘dodgy’ comments from “me” knows to check first. If you’re worried, just e-mail me and I’ll be sure to tell you whether that’s me insulting you or not. ;)

Edit (5:20pm): comment has now been deleted, but still doesn’t give me any idea who’s trying to ‘be me’.

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  1. Vixx said:

    You’re being Single White Femaled, eh? Nightmare. :( Sorry to hear that. If it helps, it wasn’t me – so that’s one less on your list. :p V xx

  2. Demoness said:

    Bah. I had that happen to me a few times before. It’s slightly amusing, no? But strangely very irritating to hear the next day that you’re a bitch because you said this and that.

  3. Mariah said:

    hm. people… Well, I’m just glad I’m not “good” enough for anyone to want to “be” me… Perhaps you should be honored that you have someone who wants to be you?

  4. Mariah said:

    MMM also just noticed (you can delete this comment whatnot if it gets fixed or if its just me…) I’m using the yellow skin and after I click the add comment link the white background of this (left) side of the page doesn’t extend fully down but stops after the text. I hope its just me…

  5. Vera said:

    Why would you consider Rhiannon (i.e. Petshopgirl) and idiot? I’ve actually had my site reviewed by her, and didn’t have much to object (ok so she liked my site and I’m being a hypocrite). My only complaint was the review’s formatting (all centered and small – though I always copy and paste it elsewhere, so not a real problem). Though, judjing by the comment, it would’ve been VERY fishy, if you had said that. Especially considering, you’ve actually HAD an article on said script (well not THAT per se).

  6. Rhiannon said:

    I’d like to make a few things clear to you. I’ve come across fake comments and people posing as others online before, several times. Throughout last year I had some trouble with some pre-teen brats from Australia, who would pose as me on friends’ sites, leaving derrogatory comments and such. I’d later go to the site, not knowing, and find myself banned! Luckily I was able to sort the problem out, but the fact that people were doing this was quite irritating. You’ll remember the whole Mallory Maloney debarcle last year – this was another instance in which people were posing as me. I had no idea, until I received an email from Mallory containing nasty comments left by you, directed at me. And, as far as my applying for affiliation with RY, I believe this was over two years ago. As for the comment yesterday, I honestly had nothing to do with it, and only found out when I was informed by someone you had been slating me at your site. You obviously have some issues with me for some reason, but any comment about you, in any way, has nothing to do with me and was not made by me. For the record, I often visit your site from time to time – I admire you for the work you’ve done online, although it’s sad you seem to have it in for me, especially as I’ve done nothing wrong.

  7. Elea said:

    I think you know you’re an internet celebrity when people attempt to assume your identity. ;p So even though it’s annoying and somewhat creepy, it also says something about…stature in the online world?

  8. Jem said:

    @Rhiannon: Seems that here I am laughing at people for pretending to be me and you’ve had the same issue.. and instead of thinking that you could be ‘suffering’ at the same fate I just thought you were being ignorant. What can I say other than I was obviously too quick to judge? I can only apologise for assuming you were that petty that you’d use me turning you down for affiliation as a reason to say or do whatever. I am sorry, and perhaps this’ll teach me to give people benefit of the doubt (although I doubt it, I’m a stubborn mare). I’ve removed the comment aimed at you from my entry.. <-- only fair after all. :) Do please get in touch if there's anything else you wish to discuss.

  9. Sapphire said:

    Identity theft is petty. If you don’t like how you look or who you are, allow me to introduce to you the grandest of all human miracles: cosmetic surgery. Hack off that bulgy extrusion, slice off that field of acne and lick your reflection.

  10. Joni said:

    I’ve always been concerned with how easy it is to impersonate someone online. Especially when leaving comments on a blog, etc. Luckily, it hasn’t happened to me (as far as I know) but then I have no idea why any would want to pretend they are me. Anyway, I hope for your sake it does not continue :D

  11. Emily said:

    I’ve never really given this much thought, but it’s quite scary how easy it is to do. I don’t know why anyone would want to pretend to be me though, and I’m happy about that.

  12. Stephanie said:

    I like the new geek theme, but I don’t know where I can find the themes. I looked in your Domain page (just ’cause I’m a smart cookie like that) and noticed that you hadn’t updated the themes section since you last changed everything up. Just thought you would like to know :)

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