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I ordered myself a new domain today. Accidentally. I know that sounds a little bit crazy but it’s simple really — I was checking the availabilty of (that won’t work until all the DNS is sorted should work now) for future reference (’cause at £1.99 a year it’s hard to go wrong) and because I was already logged in to my account at I clicked “Continue” thinking I’d get more info and ended up with a “Congratulations, your order has been processed” page. Ooops.

I’m not complaining because I was incredibly tempted to get it anyway, it just means it processed on the wrong card. I wanted to see if I could use mine and it’s gone through on Karl’s. I owe him for two years domain name registration and 70p VAT. A fiver! Oh no! ;)

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  1. gloomy said:

    1&1 is an international host? I’m totally shocked. I thought it was just in germany. I have my DSL-line with them, but not my webspace. However I want to change to another DSL provider as soon as my contract is over…

  2. Vix said:

    That’s fantastic! No such thing as accidents when it comes to domain registration. ;) Looking forward to seeing tutorialtastic nestled in its new home . . . V xx

  3. Rosemarie said:

    ahahaha ah well, at least you weren’t checking the avaliability of some horrible name that you didn’t actually want :P Now if only I can get you to check the avaliability of a domain name *I* would like…

  4. Frosty said:

    They do hosting and domain names over here in the US too (I see ads for them in my stepdad’s tech magazines all the time), but they look way overpriced for what you get… Tax on domain names? *is shocked* I thought that they couldn’t tax stuff like domain names and hosting because that fell under services, but I guess things are different for you brits… Now I need to get off my lazy ass and go buy already.

  5. Tiffany said:

    Maybe it’s fate. :) Wow, 1&1 is incredible well-priced in comparison to my domain registrar. But I guess since I only have one domain now it’s not really a big deal where I get it…