Gone Home

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My Daddy has gone home again :( I think I managed to convince him to come over at Christmas, but if he doesn’t/can’t, I don’t know how long it’ll be before I see him again. I did get a picture of us (both looking exhausted) together though! Will be printing that out for my wall…

I’ve managed to get caught up on some stuff since he left this morning. Ang‘s form, Brenda‘s review, q*bee stuff, a new archive sorting thingymajig for Review-You and a few e-mails which needed replying to (still have some backlogged from June!) I even cleaned up Mum’s kitchen a bit (picked up toys and Charlotte’s squished Marmite sarnie) and joined a few fanlistings.

I think I’m overloading myself with crap to do today. I wonder why? <- that was a rhetorical question :P

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  1. Sim said:

    I don’t feel productive at all, but being up at 8 in the morning after 2 late nights in sequence does tend to make you slightly pessimistic. By the way, Jem, throughout the review you used mb instead of kb. I was curious (1 mb and it’s loading almost instantly for me?!), and so went and had a look. The splash image shows up for me as 100.32 KB (102726 bytes), which is about a tenth of 1mb. The main page images are about 266 kb. Just thought you might want to change that =)

  2. Carly said:

    Since you feel so productive, would u like to write my two essays, that I have left til now, and have to be in Friday morning. (Working 4 nights in that time too.) I had to ‘de-mould’ my own kitchen today and wash all the pots, time for the shower next…. Take Care, Carly

  3. sonja said:

    Hello Jem , I will do my best to get your daddy over there for Xmas hon ….. he loves and misses you loads and so do we ,the little robin (mupet) and me see you soon xxx