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I’ve started getting into fanlistings again after deciding not to let the QI rejection all of those months ago get me down — I think I’ve set myself up for a fall. After getting hooked on the latest series with Hugh Laurie in it (House M.D.) I applied to adopt the fanlisting only to discover 23 other people did too. *preparing myself for rejection again*

Anyway.. the point of this is actually not to dwell on rejection, sob boohoo, but to question ideas on design. I’m working on my CSS Reboot design and I’m unsure as to where I should position it. The layout looks good flushed against the left side of the browser, but also looks good centered. So, do I align it left, or do I center it? Your preferences..?

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  1. Megan said:

    Good luck with getting the fanlisting. I prefer centered layouts; it’s harder for me to focus on something that’s crammed up against the left side of the browser. I say, if it looks good centered, center it, but that’s just me of course.

  2. Jen said:

    Definitely centered. It’s so much easier on the eyes to focus on the center of the screen than huddled into the left. I’ve never experienced rejection from the FLorg people. Then again, I’ve only ever sent in two forms, and they weren’t really for fanlistings that are immensely popular where hundreds of people might end up joining (though I can’t be so sure).

  3. bliss said:

    I, too, will have to say centered; big fugly blocks of nothing over on one side or the other are just so uncool. (That’s valuable real-estate!)

  4. Jordie said:

    Hey, you have a 1/23 chance of being picked for the fanlisting, and that’s better than nothing. Maybe if you dazzle them with your awesome web design, they’ll lean in your favour. ;) I remember when I adopted the Super Mario Sunshine fanlisting on Christmas Eve last year, I couldn’t believe Kjersti was giving it to me! I thought someone else would have gotten it for sure. I’ve been pretty negligent with my FL lately, so I gave it a new layout and am working on tidying it up a little.