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 |  Budgeting

Starting Project £20k

After having a good moan about my financial / housing situation post-split from Karl, which ended on a jokey note about a project £15k, I thought well… actually, why don’t I start a new project? And why aim for £15,000 — that would mean I’d…

 |  Budgeting

Financial review: February

Before I even look at the figures, I’m feeling a little more confident about this month. There were a few ‘cheats’ but I’ve mostly stuck to a £100 cash budget for everything. Let’s see what that tallies up to… Joint account expenditure Non-negotiable outgoings Mortgage:…

 |  Misc

No News is Good News?

I hope. We are no closer to getting the keys, or so it seems. Both Karl and I spoke to the solicitor last week and everything appears to be done on their side, they’re waiting on the seller’s solicitors. We’ve both emphasised the fact that…

 |  Misc

Yesterday, Explained

Where to bloody begin?! So it starts off completely unrelated to houses. I get a phone call at work, close to 4pm, from Karl. Sounds like he’s having a heart attack. Mumbles something about Isabel; my God the adrenaline shot through me. In that split…

 |  WTF

House Hunting

Why did nobody warn me that this bloody house-hunting lark is hard work? When you’re looking at a rental property, there’s this little voice in the back of your mind reminding you that if the house or neighbourhood turns out to be a dump, then…

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