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Read about my battles with Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), my mental health, surviving both childhood sexual abuse and a 12 year relationship plagued with emotional abuse, as well personal projects / challenges, and anything vaguely Jem-related.

Birthday Business

I had a nice birthday weekend. :) It was arranged for my Dad to come and visit me, in secret. Unfortunately that meant he had to see my siblings too, who spent a large portion of the weekend shouting and screaming in competition with each other. It’s still illegal to kill off siblings. Damn! I… read more →


All he wanted was a best friend… I forgot to mention that I made a Katy fanlisting a couple of weeks ago. So, if you thing Katy is great you should check out Geekerific. Don’t you think it’s the most original name ever? And of course, you could always check out my fanlisting while you’re… read more →

Nothing’s Simple!

I can’t have a crochet hobby without some wool. Pretty obvious statement really, but a good point all the same. I went surfing for wool on the Internet yesterday with the preconception that I’d be able to find a website, specify whether I wanted thick or thin, choose a colour and have it sent. I… read more →

Home from Holiday

I would say it’s good to be home, but it’d be a lie. :( I love being by the seaside, even in rainy Wales. I know some of you are probably bored titless by holiday posts, so I’ve prepared a comment for you to copy and paste. Because parts of it are generated randomly by… read more →


I think my post yesterday was somewhat misleading and I left you all (or most of you) with the impression that I was worried about other people’s opinions on my site. On the contrary, it’s not other people’s opinions that are bugging me — it’s my own! One half of my head is saying “prove… read more →

The Cricket

We won the cricket! Some silly Ashes thing that only happens because the Australians beat us and so we burned the wicket — or something. I only found that out last night. Hoorah! Anyway: why am I celebrating this? No, it’s not because I’m a sporty person. I miss when I try to kick a… read more →

Dirty Geek Joke

There are advantages to being in a ‘geek’ couple: Karl: Ooh, a left boob and a right boob!Jem: My boobs are relatively positioned.Karl: Well, as long as the margins are the same..Jem: No, I think my left margin is slightly bigger than my right.Karl: So you could say that they’re marginally different?Jem: Or that I’ve… read more →

Luckiest Girlfriend

I felt somewhat like the luckiest girlfriend in the world last night. Karl started his Summer Holidays on Monday, but because I was sick and didn’t go to work on Monday, yesterday was his first day alone. I left him two things to do: pick up a shelf-thingy from Homebase that they had on sale… read more →

Not a Real Woman

It occurred to me on the way home (ten minutes of random thoughts) that there are more advantages to not playing to society’s idea of a “proper woman” than I originally thought. I always enjoyed baffling those who choose to criticise what I wear/how I look with tongue-twisting and witty retaliation. However, thinking about it,… read more →