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Birthday Business

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I had a nice birthday weekend. :) It was arranged for my Dad to come and visit me, in secret. Unfortunately that meant he had to see my siblings too, who spent a large portion of the weekend shouting and screaming in competition with each… read full entry →


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All he wanted was a best friend… I forgot to mention that I made a Katy fanlisting a couple of weeks ago. So, if you thing Katy is great you should check out Geekerific. Don’t you think it’s the most original name ever? And of… read full entry →

Nothing’s Simple!

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I can’t have a crochet hobby without some wool. Pretty obvious statement really, but a good point all the same. I went surfing for wool on the Internet yesterday with the preconception that I’d be able to find a website, specify whether I wanted thick… read full entry →

Home from Holiday

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I would say it’s good to be home, but it’d be a lie. :( I love being by the seaside, even in rainy Wales. I know some of you are probably bored titless by holiday posts, so I’ve prepared a comment for you to copy… read full entry →


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I think my post yesterday was somewhat misleading and I left you all (or most of you) with the impression that I was worried about other people’s opinions on my site. On the contrary, it’s not other people’s opinions that are bugging me — it’s… read full entry →

The Cricket

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We won the cricket! Some silly Ashes thing that only happens because the Australians beat us and so we burned the wicket — or something. I only found that out last night. Hoorah! Anyway: why am I celebrating this? No, it’s not because I’m a… read full entry →

Dirty Geek Joke

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There are advantages to being in a ‘geek’ couple: Karl: Ooh, a left boob and a right boob!Jem: My boobs are relatively positioned.Karl: Well, as long as the margins are the same..Jem: No, I think my left margin is slightly bigger than my right.Karl: So… read full entry →

Luckiest Girlfriend

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I felt somewhat like the luckiest girlfriend in the world last night. Karl started his Summer Holidays on Monday, but because I was sick and didn’t go to work on Monday, yesterday was his first day alone. I left him two things to do: pick… read full entry →

Not a Real Woman

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It occurred to me on the way home (ten minutes of random thoughts) that there are more advantages to not playing to society’s idea of a “proper woman” than I originally thought. I always enjoyed baffling those who choose to criticise what I wear/how I… read full entry →


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I made the mistake of reading my book outside in the warm sun yesterday — the sun was hotter than I realised and sitting facing it was probably not a good idea. I am now pink. In fact, pink is an understatement.. I am glowing… read full entry →

Organ Donation

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Since I was a kid, I always remember seeing a card in my brothers wallet stating he was an organ donor. I decided when I first saw it was something I’d like to do to — but is something I’ve never got ’round to doing.… read full entry →

Learning PHP at WE

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So, my week started with three slow days — I basically spent the time waiting for other people to get off their arses so I could get on with what I needed to do. However, yesterday picked up and I ended up doing an entire… read full entry →