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I have covered nearly 550 miles in three days. It wasn’t all intentional, though…

As you know, I drove from Broseley to Brighton on Thursday so that I could attend the #BrightonSEO conference on Friday. I managed to do this (the driving) without the aid of a sat nav, probably more by luck than judgement (and also circling Brighton several times to find the car park I was after).

Friday night, as soon as the conference finished, Aisling and I grabbed some food and hit the road for Gloucester so that we could run today with Katy. Because of roadworks causing an hours delay on the M25, it was decided we’d go a slightly different route along the bottom of the UK through/near Portsmouth and towards Southampton (or maybe the other way around, I forget). So, we did that, and wanker drivers aside we were doing well and making good time.

Eventually we came to a fork in the road and we had to choose. I think we’d already missed the best turn off by this point but I didn’t know this at the time. Anyway, 70mph road, cars up my arse, not a lot of time to make a decision. Left at the fork for some places I’d not heard of, or right for Oxford/THE MIDLANDS. I knew we didn’t want to be in Oxford but Gloucester is Midlands-ish, right?

Suffice it to say we ended up just outside of Oxford (which for those of you — like me, obviously — not familiar with UK geography, Oxford is just above London, maybe left a bit? Gloucester is the other side of the country. It took another hour for me and my roadtrip buddy Aisling to get to our actual location, by which point I had been driving for 4 hours and was a wee bit fed up of shit drivers. More on that another day, perhaps.

I feel deep in my heart that I’ve completed my 30 things before thirty goal to travel across the country without sat nav — in fact one might even say I covered more ground than was necessary! I never qualified it with *actually getting to my destination* after all ;)

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  1. Sarah said:

    Argh, how annoying.. also, it takes an hour from one side to the other? That’s pretty neat.
    Fortunately, you weren’t by yourself and hopefully you and Aisling can laugh about it one day :D