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Having moaned not so long back that I had let myself go with my workouts and had put some chub back on, I had a quick surge of inspiration which saw me back on the weights, which meant I dropped 5lbs or so and got back to my normal easy maintenance weight.

And then I stopped again. I’ve not lifted in weeks and I’m averaging 1 run per week. I’ve totally slipped on my diet, some days barely eating anything at all (thanks, hormones) and definitely not getting my 5 a day or drinking enough water. I also can’t remember the last time I slept well (probably related).

All of those would be fine and fixable, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m supposed to be doing a half marathon in two weeks, on Saturday 7th November. A half marathon with a 3 hour time limit, so I have no choice but run at least 2 thirds of it, which is a distance of about 15km, and the most I’ve run recently is just 10km (after which I felt half dead).

So… project survive-a-half is on. Training for a half marathon in two weeks is easy, right?

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  1. rjp said:

    I was slightly wrong on Twitter – I went from 13km (late Jan) to 26km (late Feb) with most days being 1-2km and only three long* runs – 5km, 6km, and 7km. Running frequently and pacing yourself during the race are key. Aim for, say, 2:45 (~8:00/km), start slow, and speed up during the last 5km if you feel like it.

    And whatever happens, it’ll be your PB.