Hello from Brighton!

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I am sat in the office of the lovely Aisling, in Brighton. Yay!

I left Shropshire at 10:45am, and after two stops arrived at 4:30pm. That’s a lot of driving (aka a lot of sitting in road works.) But, the good news is that because I couldn’t get Google Maps to work on my phone I’ve partially completed one of my 30 before thirty list items (travelling across the country without a satnav or map). Yay positives!

Anyway, so I’m in Brighton for the BrightonSEO conference, which will probably form the basis of my blog entry tomorrow because yay, saves me having to think of another topic!

(There’s a lot of yays going on…)

After the conference Aisling and I will be travelling to Gloucester — road trip! — to meet up with Katy and Gaz so that we can do the Great Highnam Court Run on Saturday. Or rather, Katy and I will be running and Aisling/Gaz will be photographing, or throwing nakd bars at us, or something. Fun stuff.


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