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Getting “Bulky”

 |  Fitness

When I started lifting weights I had several conversations (Facebook chat counts as a conversation these days, right?) with friends about how I wanted to build some muscle but I didn’t want to end up looking like this:

female bodybuilder weightlifting
(face hidden because it’s not my intention to shame this woman)

I know that a lot of women don’t lift because they’re worried about “looking bulky” and that it’s mostly bollocks (because women don’t have the same body composition / hormone levels etc as men, so don’t end generally end up looking “bulky” by accident!) but I figured I was going to be lifting so much I might genuinely end up looking a bit more muscley than I intended.

Hahahahahahaha. I was such a dick.

I have now been lifting for ~6 months give or take (including some weeks skipping workouts because I was ill or lazy). Six months in I am only just getting to the stage where you can maybe tell I lift if you see me unflexed. If I flex it’s more obvious, but I also look constipated, so I try not to do it in public too much. But the point is, how bloody naive was I to assume that lifting a dumbbell a couple of times a week was going to make me look even close to that? I couldn’t have disrespected the work that female pro bodybuilders put into their bodies any more if I’d tried.

I still don’t want to look like that, far from it, but I certainly have a lot more respect for women who can do that and who put that amount of time and effort in. Just building the small amount of muscle on my arms that I have got has been bloody hard work. (These women still remind me of David Dickinson though.)

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3 comments so far

  1. Kristine said:

    People who think that lifting weights will automatically make women bulky = misinformed…. Women do not have enough testosterone to cause that amount of bulk. And the woman in that pic made lifting her life. She probably has to eat a ton of protein and lift 6+ hours a day to get to that point. I have female classmates that lift a lot and do not look masculine/bulky. I lifted a lot and never got to that point, either. I actually looked slimmer with lifting. I <3 lifting.

  2. Tracy said:

    Yeah, unfortunately it takes forever to look like this, meh. Well, maybe not unfortunately but most men do have it much easier. But I just love the look when women show a bit, so sexy!

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