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After asking you beautiful people for blog post suggestions yesterday, you dutifully provided me with several of which I will no doubt make use of a couple over last few days of Septemblog.

Aisling‘s suggestion to do a “what’s in your bag” post would work well if I was like any of the other millions of lifestyle bloggers who do these things and actually have things IN their bag but “my purse” and “my phone” would probably be a short blog post. It got me inspired the other way though: I’ve raided a million “what’s in my bag” blog posts so that I can talk about what’s not in my bag. But first! Here is a terrible photo of my bag, nearly 8 years old, in all its glory:



What’s not in my bag: make-up
Actually, that’s not strictly true. I have a red lipstick in there I’d forgotten about, which was gifted to me by the aforementioned Aisling, but as it’s intention was use for strictly private reasons I don’t count it.

I don’t wear make-up. I don’t own make-up. I definitely don’t carry around make-up.

What’s not in my bag: hair accessories
It’s still not long enough. Next…

What’s not in my bag: notebooks or stationery
I really should carry around a notebook, and I used to, but it inevitably got handed over to the kids for scribbling in which kinda ruined the flow. Plus, my phone has a notes app, what more do I need? (Tbh as most of my inspiring thoughts are in the shower and that’s the one place I don’t take my phone either, I mostly just forget stuff.)

What’s not in my bag: anything children related
I am the worst parent in the world and always forget things like wipes, and how glad am I that Olly is potty trained now and doesn’t need nappies? Thankfully he took to it well, too, because I never remembered a change of clothes. I make them carry their own toys and generally empty my bag of child-related detritus on a daily basis.

What’s not in my bag: food or drink
I live in fear of things exploding all over my phone, which is quite important to me as a point of contact for clients (nobody else ever phones me…)

What’s not in my bag: books or magazines
I only have time to read on the loo, and I rarely take my bag to the loo. (And also not many books or magazines fit in my tiny little bag.)

What’s not in my bag: enough things to warrant carrying a bag
Yes, I sometimes wonder why I even bother carrying a bag at all. As there’s so little in it, I might as well not bother. Except it comes in handy on the occasions I’m not wearing something with pockets and need to juggle kids and phone/purse at the same time. I have considered simply putting my debit card in my phone case and then tada, one less thing to carry.

I somtimes wonder if — now that I’m a grown up ~lady~ who wears grown up dresses — I might one day have a grown up bag with grown up things in (like tissues and reading material and … stuff?)


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  1. Cristina said:

    Hah, I like this spin! Funny enough, a lot of the things you mentioned “not” having in your bag I don’t have as well. I think the only two I have is some make-up and a notebook. Everything else is gadgets, wallet, and random personal crap.

  2. Audrey said:

    My bad also has mostly not these things… I tend to forego a bag and put my wallet and phone in my coat pockets when possible. Some times of the month I need to keep the ibuprofen at hand though. I like your bag and think less to heft around is a good thing!

  3. Chantelle said:

    I have a bag with a lot of things, but sometimes I also just go out with my phone. My phone case has a “hidden” compartment that holds my debit card and my key is like a phone charm–the key is hard to explain but it’s digital–I love just carrying my phone around when I can. It’s freeing.

    But how the hell has your bag managed to stay in such pristine condition after 8 years?

  4. Clem said:

    Honestly, I have a small cross-body bag and a bigger bag and most of the time I end up going out with just my phone, debit card, and keys in my pockets. Though if I know I’m going to eat then I have to bring a bag so I can bring whatever lipstick I’m wearing to touch up.

    Agreed with Chantelle – your bag is in amazing condition!