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The ‘W’ word

 |  Parenting

Weaning that is. Oliver has stopped feeding.

I’m not sure when exactly he stopped – he’s been reducing his feeds for months. He’d feed a couple of times in one day, then nothing for a day, then a feed, then another skipped day. More gradual than Izzy from what I remember, but earlier than I’d originally planned/expected. He asked for a feed roughly 2 weeks ago, but gagged on the breast and then dropped down laughing and shouting “no”, so has probably lost his latch (Isabel did v. quickly too.) I thought there’d be a resurgence in requests after last week’s first full week at nursery but he rejected my offers.

As I predicted, I’ve not had the 2 weeks of mourning like I did with Isabel (and is quite common in nursing mums) although I’ve still got milk, so not sure if that will come later…

Another ‘end of an era’, anyway.

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  1. Wenlock said:

    Hopefully you will be fine, I was with #2 & #3. Like you it was after #1 I had a hard time. Not sure why that was.

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