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I’m having a bad day

 |  WTF

I’ve had crappy day at work dealing with a backlog of emails, admin and cock-ups.

I’ve got a horrible snotty cold, which means my nose is sore from constant wiping.

I went to soothe my pains with the last of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s I’d stashed in the freezer a couple of weeks ago, only to discover my greedy sister ate it last week whilst housesitting (AND the kid’s choc chip ice cream – thanks Vic)

I went to the Co-Op to buy more ice cream, and while I was there thought sod it and bought a hot microwave curry in an attempt to flush out my sinuses only to get home and remember that the microwave stopped working yesterday.

I put the curry in the oven as advised was also possible on the packet, only for the film lid to melt and congeal into a weird lump on the curry, exposing the rice to the heat of the oven which baked it solid and ruining half the sauce in the process.

I checked my bank account for the first time in a fortnight this evening, only to discover that we’d gone overdrawn on the joint account while in Wales and have over £50 worth of charges.

20 minutes later a sudden lightbulb moment led me to log back in to the banking, to realise that we’re overdrawn because we’ve not been paid any tax credits since the last financial year with no warning from HMRC (again) so no way of making alternate arrangements for emergency cash juggling.

Fuck you, world.

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3 comments so far

  1. Katy said:

    if it helps, the microwave meal instructions probably did say to take the plastic film off before putting it in the oven… *runs away* :P

  2. Avik @ A2Z Solutions said:

    Yes, I agree there are times when nothing goes right and we suffer from depression at end of the day. However, that’s part of life when we go high up sometimes and then go down. But that’s the essence of life that moves in repeated cycles. I had such a day last week and now I’m back to normal again. That’s the beauty of life.

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